Is The Ageless Knees Program Worth It? A Must-Read Report!

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If it were a decade or two ago, I would have assumed that you are someone in their late fifties or sixties looking for a solution that could fix their bad knees. Now, the times have changed and I have grown more aware of the fact that most often it’s just not aging that causes such problems. Sometimes, even though you are not old in years, your body could age faster than expected due to several factors, in and out of our control.

I know it is pointless to ask why you are here reading this Ageless Knees review. Either you are struggling with painful knees or you know someone who is going through this excruciating experience and couldn’t do anything about it until now. Whichever it is, you are looking in the right place for the answers and I promise you, this one is more detailed than other Ageless Knees reviews you have read because I have read them too. 

Ageless Knees Reviews: Is It Effective In Tackling Knee Pain?

When one of my clients asked me about this program, and whether I had heard of it, saying that it has been very helpful for him in tacking the knee pain that he has been battling with for quite some time. That was the first time I had heard about it and naturally, I was curious to know more. That was the reason why I decided to read as many Ageless Knees reviews as I could but found almost nothing informative. I wouldn’t say that was a complete waste of time since I learned about individual experiences and the impact the program has had on their lives.

Either way, I decided to do extensive research on the program targeting the femoral nerve finally leading to this Ageless Knees review. I have included every necessary piece of data that I found out about it and tried to make it as informative as possible. Happy reading!   

Ageless Knees Review
Program NameAgeless Knees
CategoryKnee health program
Main PurposeTo alleviate knee pain and improve knee health without surgery.
ComponentsAgeless Knees DVD
Ageless Knees Digital Downloads
Ageless Knees Digital Handbook
Miracle Massage Wand
Target AudienceIndividuals suffering from knee pain or those looking to prevent knee issues.
Main BenefitsPain reduction, improved mobility, stronger knees, and overall better joint health.
DurationThe program is designed to be followed regularly for sustained benefits.
AccessibilityAvailable online for easy access and use at home.
GuaranteeMoney-back guarantee for 60 days
BonusesAgeless Knees Exercise PDF
3-Minute Morning Knee Flow
AvailabilityAgeless Knees official website

What Is Ageless Knees? 

Ageless Knees can be described as a 7-minute routine that includes a set of movements and a few minutes of massage technique targeting femoral nerve stimulation, intending to offer a permanent solution for your knee pain. This is the most basic way to describe the program, but there is actually more. 

The movements included in the Ageless Knees program are low-impact and can be done in positions that won’t put stress on your knees. They are designed for people of all ages and hence guarantee ease of practicing it regardless of age. Now, about the massage wand; although not a new concept, the device is not very popular for the reason that it uses electric current to treat pain. However, it is designed based on results from scientific studies that suggest the process will stimulate the inactive femoral nerve in an attempt to resolve the issue from the root and most effectively.

The entire program is available in digital form. There is an Ageless Knees Video that is available on DVDs and as a digital download, there is a handbook and a PDF file that gets into more details regarding the movements. There are also interesting bonuses that will surely help you deal with the issue more conveniently as they complement the whole routine. Now, let’s see in detail about the components of the program I just mentioned.  

What Is Inside Ageless Knees Program?

The Ageless Knees system includes four components, each making it simpler for the user to follow the program without any complexities. 

Ageless Knees Contents

Ageless Knees DVD: The DVD contains the entire knee rehab routine along with a warm-up sequence to prepare you for the former. The Ageless Knees coaching video gets into every last detail of every single movement making it easier for you to perform the whole routine. You can pop this DVD into your DVD player or computer, and follow the routine as shown in the video.    

Ageless Knees Digital Download: This version also includes both the coaching video and the follow-along video that you can access with an electronic device. You can play it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, whatever seems convenient to you. 

Ageless Knees Digital Handbook: The digital book explains the exact reason behind your burning knee pain and the science behind the routine. Besides those, it also busts certain myths related to knee pain and gives some tips to help alleviate the pain.  

Miracle Massage Wand: This wand releases low levels of electric current, which can be used to jumpstart your femoral nerve. Along with that, it stops pain signals from reaching the brain. It’s lightweight, compact, and can be carried anywhere without hassle.    

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Benefits And Key Factors Of Ageless Knees

The program features certain benefits, all of which are associated with knee health. Take a look at the list.

  • Blocks pain signals: More than the Ageless Knees routine, it’s the massage wand that carries out this function. Although it doesn’t heal the knees completely, by blocking the signals from reaching the brain, it provides a temporary relief that you could maintain by following the routine and with consistent use of the wand. 
  • Improves mobility: The easy-to-do, low-impact movements included in the routine don’t just relieve pain but actually heal the knee to improve mobility in the joints. By religiously following the Ageless Knees online program you will be able to bend your knees easily, move around, and even be able to lift weights.   
  • Restores youthfulness: Painful knees are often signs of aging. Once you are free of them, it will reflect in your energy levels and the pace at which you do things.  
  • Saves from the consequences of knee surgery: Knee surgery is oftentimes a lot more complicated than you’d imagine. When you opt for the Ageless Knees system instead of surgery, it will save you from the toll the latter would have taken on your body and a huge amount of money that you would’ve wasted otherwise.

How To Use The Ageless Knees Program?

The Ageless Knees health program requires only seven minutes a day of your time. You can either start with the miracle massage wand and follow it up with the routine of movements, or the other way around. If both your knees hurt, it might take a little longer since you have to use the wand on each of them.

You can continue the entire routine including the massage wand that jump-starts your femoral nerve and activate your leg muscles for as long as you feel permanent relief. 

How Does The Ageless Knees Program Work?

You already know that the Ageless Knees includes a massage wand and a beginner-friendly exercise routine, each complements the other while enhancing the overall effectiveness of the program. I will tell you about the working mechanism of these two components individually, so let’s start with the massage wand. 

The miracle massage wand is actually not an entirely new instrument used in treating knee pain. Studies have found that passing low levels of electric current through the nerves can be beneficial in relieving pain. In the case of knee pain, it is the femoral nerve that needs to be stimulated. 

On passing electricity, the nerve jump-starts and blocks pain signals from reaching the brain. This way, the user will get an instant relief from pain. Although not a permanent solution, especially with single-use, regular use of the device will reduce the intensity of the pain to a great extent. Also, consistently following the second part of the Ageless Knees program with the wand will resolve the issue, as claimed, forever. 

Let’s talk about the moves now. Don’t worry, they won’t end up worsening the condition of your knees than it already is. They are extremely simple and more importantly low-impact, which won’t put strain on the knees but solves the problems in a gentle way. That pretty much covers the working mechanism of the entire Ageless Knees digital program, so let’s move on to the next important part.      

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Is Ageless Knees A 100% Safe Program?

As I mentioned just before, the Ageless Knees movements are designed to be beginner-friendly, and by keeping the severity of your pain in mind. As someone who has witnessed people practicing the routine firsthand, I can assure you that much. Now, if you are worried about the wand, passing an electric current through your body to be specific, I can assure your safety in that regard too.

The intensity of electricity used in the wand is very low, and the only thing it does is give a boost to the inactive femoral nerve. If you are still worried, you can switch it to its lowest setting, until you grow more familiar with the device. 

Ageless Knees Side Effects And Risks

Since the Ageless Knees program doesn’t involve taking any systemic medications or supplements or applying any topical formula, you don’t have much to worry about in that regard. The only complaint I have heard from people who have followed it is the discomfort they felt while practicing the movements due to their body posture.

So, make sure to watch the video or read the Ageless Knees PDF to the last detail, and understand every step of the routine including how you are supposed to sit or stand while doing it. That part is more important than you would imagine, so be cautious not to be the reason you hurt your own knees.  

Who Are Ageless Knees Designed For?

The program mainly targets people above the age of fifty, the age when you usually start dealing with joint pain and mobility issues. However, nowhere do they specify that Ageless Knees is designed for a specific age group but rather is useful for anyone who is struggling with the issue regardless of their age or gender. So, if you are in your thirties or even in your twenties and your knees hurt, you can practice the movements at home for the recommended period while using the miracle wand for pain relief.

Ageless Knees Customer Reviews

Since people with problematic knees aren’t rare, neither were Ageless Knees reviews. The customer reviews I read online weren’t any different from those I heard from my clients in person. They were all impressed with the program and have been determined to follow it through the end until it fixes their knees for good.

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Alternative Option For Ageless Knees

You have all heard of the Ageless Knees system. But have you heard of the Sciatica Recovery System? It is a similar program but without the wand. So, how about we compare Ageless Knees with the Recovery Systema and find out which one is the better option? 

ProductAgeless KneesSciatica Recovery System
Manufacturer Ageless KneesThe Sciatica Recovery System
Customer ratings 4.7/53.9/5
Results Significant improvement can be observed after the first useIt takes up to two weeks to show a noticeable difference in knee health. 
Price $67/ package + $7.99 shipping & handling fee$47/package 
Return & Refund Policy60-day money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee

Although the Sciatica Recoevryb System is cheaper in comparison, I think it is compensated with the miracle wand included in the Ageless Knees program. However, in terms of customer ratings and results, it seems way better than the alternative. Although it clearly stands as the better choice, if you see the Recovery System as a better fit for your needs, you can go for that instead. 

Who Developed Ageless Knees System?

Christopher Ohocinski, a state-licensed and nationally certified athletic trainer and a former lifeguard from Allentown, Pennsylvania, is the person who developed the Ageless Knees program fixing faulty knees. He took it as his calling to save people from when he was fourteen, back when he used to work as a lifeguard.

Later when he was practicing as an athletic trainer, his elementary school teacher approached him with knee pain, and that motivated him to design a permanent solution to this issue which he named Ageless Knees.     

Ageless Knees Bonuses And Money-Back Guarantee

Every Ageless Knees purchase comes with two digital bonuses that you can access on any electronic device.

Ageless Knees Bonuses
  • Ageless Knees Exercise PDF: The PDF includes pictures and descriptions of every movement from the beginning to the end. You can download the file on any device and take a printout if you wish to. 
  • 3-Minute Morning Knee Flow: This is a 3-minute morning knee-flow routine to help lubricate the knees to relieve the stiffness and pain that you usually experience in the morning. 

The program has a 60-day money-back guarantee which lets you claim a refund in case the program didn’t work for you. You can try it risk-free for two months and see for yourself whether it is something worth investing in.  

When To Expect Results From Ageless Knees?

The peculiarity of the Ageless Knees program is that you can experience a big difference in the status of your knee pain after the first round itself. The miracle wand works fast to block the pain signals and gives you temporary relief that can be maintained by following the rest of the routine.

The Ageless Knees customer reviews I collected from my clients as well as from the internet suggest that you can expect permanent results within just two months if you consistently follow the program.

Ageless Knees Price And Availability

You can only purchase the Ageless Knees program exclusively from the creator and nowhere else. There is an official website created for the program where it is sold at a discount from the originally decided price, along with two more bonuses and a money-back guarantee.

The program includes a DVD, Digital file, Handbook, and a Massage Wand. The whole Ageless Knees program is available at just $67. There is an additional shipping and handling fee of $7.99 which takes the total amount to $74.99.  

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Pros And Cons Of Ageless Knees

Is it possible for a digital program to have any drawbacks? What’s the worst you should expect? What if the cons outweigh the pros? Let’s check.


  • The program is available in different formats
  • Ageless Knees can be accessed on any device
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Two additional bonuses
  • Money-back guarantee of 60 days


  • Not everyone would feel safe using electric current directly on their body
  • The Ageless Knees program cannot be purchased from any easily accessible e-commerce platforms

Final Verdict And Recommendations: Ageless Knees Reviews

Did you enjoy reading this Ageless Knees review? More importantly, was it helpful? I hope that that it was. Anyway, let’s go over everything we have learned about the program and see if you remember the necessary details.

Ageless Knees online program is a comprehensive set of knee-pain relieving movements and femoral nerve-stimulating massaging techniques. It uses low-impact exercises that improve the mobility in your joints while easing pain and stiffness, which are direct results of an inactive femoral nerve. It is suggested as an alternative to knee surgery that often comes with serious consequences and sometimes no results. 

It is available in different formats including DVD, digital download, and PDF, aiming at the customers’ convenience. It can be accessed from anywhere if you have a network or use a downloaded or physical copy of the Ageless Knees PDF, whichever you prefer. It is completely safe and as an added benefit, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee ensuring value for the money you spent on the program hoping for a lasting solution.    

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1. Can you assure 100% safety while using the massage wand on my legs?

Almost every device that we use in any kind of treatment carries a risk. All I could say is that using the magic wand will be safer than opting for surgery which has a lower rate of success than this program.

2. Have Ageless Knees conducted any clinical trials?

As per the creator, they have. There are also proofs of customers who followed this program and healed after consistent use.

3. Is there a possibility of the Ageless Knees movements damaging my knees even more?

If your posture isn’t right, any kind of movement could hurt your joints regardless of whether or not they are low impact. Be sure to follow the instructions to the very end to make sure you are not damaging your knees accidentally.

4. Is it safe to follow the Ageless Knees program after knee surgery?

You can follow the program after knee surgery, but not right away. Wait a little, give it time to heal, and then start with the program but only after checking with your doctor.

5. What if it doesn’t work for me?

Ageless Knees program has worked for almost everybody who has followed it religiously. In case it doesn’t work for you, you can claim a full refund within 60 days of making the purchase. 

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