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What is it?

The Neurostimulation System incorporates devices for the relief of chronic, intractable pain in the trunk and/or limbs.

It applies precisely controlled low-voltage electrical stimulation to the spinal cord through two carefully placed, insulated “leads.

The system has two stimulation modes to provide therapeutic flexibility for the treatment of certain patients with difficult bilateral or multifocal pain patterns.

How does it work?

Electrical signals sent by spinal cord stimulation are believed to trigger the closing of a “gate,, in the spinal cord, preventing messages of pain from reaching the thalamus in the brain.’

Instead of pain, the patient feels a “tingling” sensation.

Substitution of one sensation for another is something we do almost instinctively.

If we hit our hand on something,we rub it almost immediately,substituting the rubbing sensation for the pain.

The system includes an implanted receiver and an external transmitter worn on the patient’s belt.

The transmitter sends radio frequency signals to two sets of four electrodes arranged at the ends of two insulated wirescalled leads.

The leads are implanted in the spinal column near the spinal nerves that correspond to the patient’s areas of pain.