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Pursuing a weight loss journey is often portrayed as success over hardships and victories over failures. However, this is not always the case. Numerous people are tired of trying various supplements, diet plans, and weight loss programs to achieve their desired looks and weight. Are you one among them? If yes, you might be familiar with different online platforms that claim to help you lose weight. But do they succeed in keeping up their promises? Have you heard about LifeMD? What do you think about this telehealth program? Is it just like other online programs that give glossy promises and fail to succeed? This LifeMD review is here to answer these questions.

LifeMD Reviews: Analyzing The Safety And Legitimacy Of The Supplement!

Weight loss programs and supplements have been ruling the market recently. As the number of people with obesity and overweight problems is on a large rise, new weight loss aids rise every now and then. However, most of these offer fake promises and claims to work wonders.

So, it is imperative to ensure the safety of these supplements and programs before signing up with them. LifeMD is one such telemedicine, that seemed genuine to me at first glance. However, an elaborate analysis led me to certain doubts regarding its genuineness.

So, I decided to conduct a detailed analysis of this weight loss program and review it as it would be helpful for others. This LifeMD review will summarize all the information about LifeMD ranging from its workings, process, benefits, safety claims, manufacturer details, and side effects to manufacturer details, pricing, availability, and customer feedback.

Additionally, I analyzed another online weight loss program called Lasta Fasting, a similar online program to compare it with LifeMD. The details of this comparative study will also be included in this review. So, let us discuss all these aspects of LifeMD before making a final statement about it.

LifeMD Review
Program NameLifeMD
TypeOnline personalized weight loss program
Main MedicationGLP-1 medications
Potential Side EffectsNausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, thyroid c-cell tumors (serious side effect)
Customer ComplaintsPoor customer service, delayed delivery, additional charges after initial payment, misleading advertisements, ineffective money-back guarantee
PriceStarts at $129 per month (price details unclear, additional charges reported)
Refund PolicyMoney-back guarantee with multiple eligibility criteria; only membership fees refunded, medication costs not included

What is LifeMD?

LifeMD claims to be a personalized weight loss program that operates online. According to the official website, LifeMD has many medical professionals who will guide their patients throughout the weight loss journey. One of the major attractions of this program is that it claims to provide  GLP-1 medication at an affordable rate online.

In my initial analysis of the official website of LifeMD, I found that the website was maintained in a highly professional and authoritative way. It had all the details about the various steps and processes of consultation, details of the medical professionals, and the programs offered by them. But I fear that all these are cooked-up stories.

The eligibility criteria for LifeMD and the GLP-1 medication they use seem authentic. However, the real problem lies in the results, the practicality of the processes, and the genuineness of the people behind them. Although it has gained immense popularity, several customers have already opened up about its real side. So, let us figure out what exactly is LifeMD.

What is the process of LifeMD?

To sign up with LIfeMD, various steps should be completed in advance. There are mainly 4 stages in this process. 

  • Get to know you
  • Schedule an appointment 
  • Benefits Check
  • Connecting with GLP-1

As the first stage, LifeMD will provide a series of questions that will help them collect basic information about your health and medical condition. Later they will schedule an appointment with one LifeMD-affiliated provider. This person will review the results of the questionnaire and ensure which medication is ideal for you.

In the third stage, the LifeMD care team will verify which medication aligns with your medical insurance. They also claim to provide discount coupons and different options to lower your paying price.

Finally, LIfeMD will send your prescription to your local pharmacy or provide other medication options that will be delivered to your doorsteps.  They also offer to ensure complete assistance throughout your weight loss journey, which many customers suggested as a false claim. 

How does LifeMD work?

LifeMD is an online weight loss medication program that works to reduce weight with the help of clinically proven GLP-1 medications. As some of you might know, GLP-1 medications mimic the activity of naturally occurring Glucagon-like-peptide (GLP) hormones in the body. These hormones increase the insulin release from the pancreas resulting in decreased glucagon production. This process will help reduce blood glucose levels, which in turn will lead to a reduction in body fat. 

LifeMD side effects

GLP-1 medications have reports of several side effects. Although the intensity may vary depending on the individual’s situation, these medications cause various side effects. Some of them include;

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation 

LifeMD also warns of some serious side effects like Thyroid c-cell tumors. People with a family history of  Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) and Multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome (MEN 2) are forbidden from using these medications.

How to use LifeMD?

LifeMD provides the GLP-1 medications as injection shots. Being a personalized medication program the dosage varies from person to person. However, the injections are generally taken once a week following the instructions provided by the medical professionals.

As mentioned on the official website of LifeMD, the recommended areas of injection are the stomach, upper arm, or thigh. They also claim to provide injection pens that minimize the discomfort of routine injections.

Alternative options for LifeMD

LifeMD claims to provide 15-20% weight loss with the help of GLP-1 medications. However, as we have already mentioned these medications possess several side effects and cannot be used by all for the same reason.

According to me, this is a major drawback of this program. So, are there any alternatives for LifeMD, that can be easily accessed by the majority of people? This curiosity led me to Lasta Fasting. Lasta Fasting is an online medical program that provides personalized dieting plans and fasting methods to people struggling with weight loss. Let us have a detailed analysis of these two weight loss programs.

Program nameLifeMDLasta Fasting
Consultation modeOnline Online 
Medication typeGLP-1 medicationsNo medications. Natural weight loss with personalized diet plans and fasting methods
Results 4-6 weeks4 weeks
Possibility of side effectsSide effects have been reported No reports of side effects
Return policyReturns the membership fees if you don’t lose 10% weight in a year30-day money-back guarantee offering full or partial refund depending on the circumstances
Pricing $129 per month$0.31 per month

As you can see Lasta Fasting aids natural weight loss with the help of personalized diet plans and fasting methods depending on the health and physical conditions of users. As it does not include any medications like LifeMD the possibility of side effects are very less. Additionally, Lasta provides its weight management kits at a very affordable price, making them more worthwhile than LifeMD.

Benefits and key factors of LifeMD

From aiding fast weight loss to assisting throughout the weight loss journey, LifeMD claims to provide several benefits. Although LifeMD offers many benefits, my analysis suggests that most of these are mere claims and have disparities with users’ experiences. However, I will list out some of the benefits offered by LifeMD.

  • Access to GLP-1 medications
  • Insurance assistance
  • Expert clinical guidance
  • In-depth metabolic testing
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Ongoing physician care

Although LifeMD provides GLP-1 medications, most of the other claims seem to be fake promises. During my analysis, I came across several complaints and concerns regarding this medical program. Most of them suggest that they do not offer ongoing medical care and avoid all the queries and concerns of customers once the payment is completed. So, I do not have sufficient data to justify the claims of LifeMD.

LifeMD manufacturer details

LifeMD weight loss program is formulated by LifeMD, a brand that claims to provide easy access to certified doctors and medical professionals. In addition to weight loss programs, they also claim to offer medical care and assistance in different health-related areas like sleep, men’s health, menopause, primary care, and heart health.

However, the official website does not offer accurate information regarding the founders and the management of LifeMD. The website contains only the names of some clinicians and the customer experience team. Additionally, from what information I could collect, the brand is struggling to maintain the initial hype it had.

Numerous complaints appear on the internet regarding poor customer service, delayed delivery, and unnecessary amounts charged by LifeMD. Along with these issues, this telehealth program does not seem to have any accreditation certifications or authorizations. 

Is LifeMD a scam or legit?

Analyzing all the aspects of the LifeMD program, this telehealth platform does not seem legitimate to me. Although it uses scientifically backed GLP-1 medications there are numerous complaints regarding their services.

Several complaints on the internet suggest that LifeMD charges unnecessary fees from its users after the first payment. Many people have shared that this program demands multiple payments after signing up. They also mislead the customers through their advertisements. All these suggest that LifeMD is not a trustworthy brand.

LifeMD price and availability

The LifeMD official website provides very little information regarding the price details of its weight loss program. It only mentions that the program starts at $129 per month. The website also advertises a 50% off on the first payment. However, LifeMD does not confirm whether all the services of the program are included in it.

According to most LifeMD customer reviews, these advertisements give a false impression that all the services including the medications are covered at this price, which might seem reasonable and affordable. However, they charge additionally for several times once the initial payment is completed.

LifeMD customer reviews

The LifeMD official website provides several customer responses praising their telehealth programs and their efficiency. However, the customer responses on other platforms like Reddit, YouTube, Quora, and others suggest that those LifeMD reviews on the official websites are all cooked up.

The numerous negative reviews on the internet mention that LifeMD is an unreliable brand. People have complained about the delay in delivery and lack of responses from the customer team. Some serious allegations regarding payments have also popped up recently. Some of the feedbacks are given below.

  • Jennifer William

“I hope no one falls into such a trap. I have completed my payment with LifeMD a month ago. Although they ensured to deliver the medication within 10-14 working days there is no trace of my package. The responses from the customer support team are very slow. They often avoid my calls and emails.” 

  • Benedict Joseph

“I had a really good experience with the LifeMD officials during the initial days. I received my first order on the exact date and the service team delivered quick responses. However, later on, I had a bad time with LifeMD. My second appointment was not scheduled even after multiple inquiries. So, I decided to cancel my membership plan. Now, I am struggling to get my refund.”

  • Johan C

“I am so disappointed with LifeMD. The professionals and the customer support team were so rude to my queries. Their responses were vague and without proper information. To everyone out there, do not fall for the glossy promises offered by LifeMD.”

LifeMD money-back guarantee

LifeMD offers a money-back guarantee to all of its customers. According to the little information on their official website, customers who do not lose at least 10% of their weight after using their medications are eligible for a refund. However, they set several eligibility criteria to claim this refund, which appears confusing.

Additionally, the refund guidelines of LifeMD suggest that as they charge the medications additionally, only the membership fees will be refunded.

Apart from this, most LifeMD customer reviews suggest that the refund policy was not as smooth as promised by the authorities. The majority of them had to follow up constantly and were left behind without proper responses and communication from the customer care team.

How long does LifeMD take to show results?

According to the officials’ claims at LifeMD, their medication is efficient and shows results within the first few weeks of use. Additionally, they recommend a 6-months subscription claiming that it would take up to six months to give optimal results.

However as I analyzed the customer feedback on the internet, I could not find any mention of the results offered by this weight loss program. Although most of them were negative, the positive responses were vague and commented only about the customer support team and the help offered by them. The LifeMD reviews on the official website never amused me as they praised the efficiency of the LifeMD team with no mention of the results they offered. 

Pros and cons list of LifeMD supplement

Considering the whole LifeMD weight loss medication program, I could not find many of its advantages. Most of the information revealed the drawbacks and inefficiency of this program. However, I have listed some merits and demerits of the LifeMD telemedicine program below.


  • LifeMD uses scientifically backed GLP-1 medications in their weight loss programs
  • The pen injections reduce the discomfort and intimidating feeling of routine injections


  • The LifeMD price details are not accurately mentioned
  • Money-back guarantee contains too many eligibility criteria that make the whole process confusing
  • Reports suggest that the program fails to maintain the ensured medical support
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Most of the LifeMD customer reviews are largely negative
  • Little information regarding the founders and manufacturers

LifeMD Reviews: Final verdict and recommendations

According to my research, the majority of responses toward the LifeMD weight loss program are largely negative. This program does not seem to be efficient and trustworthy. LifeMD provides scientifically backed GLP-1 medications to aid weight loss. However, the real customer reviews do not provide information regarding the results offered by them. The only available information regarding the results is the exaggerated promises by the officials. Additionally, as the whole program stays online, customers struggle to communicate with the professionals.

The review also suggests that most of the claims offered by LifeMD are fake or irrelevant. They offer ongoing medical assistance throughout the program but fail to schedule regular meetings with the healthcare providers. Similarly, the money-back guarantee is also bound by multiple eligibility criteria, creating confusion among the customers. Additionally, even though GLP-1 medications are proven to reduce obesity and overweight issues, they possess several side effects and cannot be used by people with various family medical histories. 

So, after a detailed analysis, I think the LifeMD program is not genuine and trustworthy. They create unnecessary confusion among its users. They also fail to keep most of their promises and face some serious allegations regarding payments and subscriptions. So, as I conclude this LifeMD review, I suggest avoiding signing up with this personalized weight loss program as it may waste your time and money.


1. Will this program offer appointments with the professional after receiving the medications?

LifeMD claims to offer ongoing medical care throughout the medical program. However, the customer responses suggest that these are false promises.

2. How much percentage of the subscription charge can be refunded?

LifeMD does not provide correct data regarding the refund amount. According to the available information the refund only covers the membership fees excluding the medical appointment, medication, and lab charges.

3. Is the LifeMD medical program suitable for all adults?

No. Only those who pass the eligibility test of LifeMD can make use of this program.

4. Can I sign up with LifeMD with underlying medical conditions?

The GLP-1 medications can cause serious reactions in people with several medical issues. So, people with underlying medical conditions are advised not to sign up with LifeMD.

5. Does LifeMD offer constant customer support?

Although the program claims to offer a well-maintained customer support team, reports suggest it fails to maintain an efficient customer support team.

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