Is Alex Miller’s Pelvic Floor Strong Program Worth It? My Evaluation!

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I know how frustrating it is to have a bladder that is out of your control. That is one of the major reasons I decided to conduct research and write this Pelvic Floor Strong review as soon as I heard about it. If you are one of those women who has to think about her bladder every time you laugh, shout, or sneeze, I assume you must have heard about the term pelvic floor dysfunction. If you have, you also must have tried a few of the pelvic floor strengthening exercises you watched in a YouTube or TikTok video. How did that work out for you? Since you are here, I guess not very well? 

The thing is, you are not alone. Even as an expert in the field, I have tried everything that I thought would bring me some relief, but nothing really gave me what I wanted. Truth be told, I was a little skeptical when I first started getting into the details of the Pelvic Floor Strong system, especially when I saw it includes kegel exercises. Not that they are bad, but I had tried that too among others. Then what sets this program apart? Read on.

Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews: What Makes This Program Stand Out?

One factor that I found makes this program stand out is that they don’t just ask you to follow a random exercise routine marketed as a Pelvic Floor Strong video without giving any more information. They get into details, explain why this happens, and talk about the rest of the consequences apart from pelvic floor weakness. The program solely doesn’t focus on kegel exercises but incorporates a set of breathing exercises that the creator finds vital to the whole process.

However, regardless of how extensive a program is, there are a lot more things we need to know about before starting with it. So, here, you are going to learn about all that as you read through each section of this Pelvic Floor Strong review, and hopefully, it will help you decide on purchasing the program based on the right information.     

Pelvic Floor Strong System Reviews
Program NamePelvic Floor Strong
Main PurposeTo keep pelvic floor healthy
CreatorAlex Miller
FormatAvailable in both physical and digital formats
Mainly Desgined ForWomen
Age RangeAbove 40
Core Benefits▪️ Hinders urinary mishaps
▪️ Decreases fat around the lower abdomen
▪️ Reinvigorates strength
▪️ Enhances the holistic physique
Price▪️ Digital copy package: $49
▪️ Digital + Physical copy package: $59
RefundFor 60 days
Consumer ReportsMostly favorable
AvailabilityPelvic Floor Strong official website

What Is Pelvic Floor Strong System?

It’s not that hard to assume what a program called Pelvic Floor Strong system is about. But what exactly is it? What are the peculiarities and what makes it a potentially efficient program? According to the creator, the program is developed around the concept of layer syndrome as the root cause of a weak pelvic floor, which in turn results in urinary incontinence.

Pelvic Floor Strong program is basically a 3-step movement sequence you can practice at the most convenient places and times.  They target layer syndrome, a condition that is defined by imbalanced muscles. The syndrome causes your abdominal wall, pelvic floor, and diaphragm to go out of balance which directly results in diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is the condition where there is a gap between your abdominal muscles, usually happening during pregnancy or due to weight gain. Either way, this causes the pelvic floor muscles to go loose, resulting in bladder leakage.  

The program is available in digital format and as hard copy, between which the customer can choose as they find convenient. Now, I will tell you about the brain behind this Pelvic Floor Strong, who has had a first-hand experience with the issues you currently struggle with, before she came up with this idea. 

About The Creator Of Pelvic Floor Strong

Alex Miller, a fitness expert, and women’s pelvic health specialist who is originally from Vancouver, Canada, is the person who created this program named Pelvic Floor Strong system. She is popular in her niche and offers online programs that focus on the problems of women around the world.

Her customer base consists of about a million individuals and includes experts in the health industry including physical therapists and chiropractors, athletes, and celebrities. She has been recognized for her contribution to women’s health and has been featured on platforms like podcasts, social media, and health magazines.   

How Good Is Pelvic Floor Strong? Benefits Listed!

The Pelvic Floor Strong fitness program focuses on toning the pelvic floor muscles and thus resolving issues that stem from a weak system.  

  • Prevents urinary incontinence: This is a direct result of weakened pelvic muscles that the program primarily targets. As you follow the Pelvic Floor Strong videos consistently for about 4 to 8 months, you will feel more control over your bladder movements.
  • Reduces lower belly fat: Usually, lower belly fat is extremely difficult to get rid of. The routine you follow with this program will have a direct impact on your core muscles and reduce your lower belly fat while strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.  
  • Restores energy: The Pelvic Floor Strong exercises will help get rid of back pain and hip pain and let you be active without getting exhausted over a small task. Religiously following the program helps restore youthful energy through simple exercises and movements that won’t tire you.  
  • Improves overall physique: Pelvic Floor Strong system strengthens body muscles, including the abdominal, neck, shoulder, and chest. This will positively reflect on your entire physical appearance, resulting in a toned look.   

What Does The Pelvic Floor Strong Program Contain?

Pelvic Floor Strong video program is basically an easy three-step movement targeting the root cause of urinal incontinence and associated issues. It includes stretches that fix the layer syndrome which directly results in abdominal diastasis and weak pelvic muscles.

These stretches included in the Pelvic Floor Strong system are categorized into different groups based on the time and place you can practice those, and the risk associated. 

  • There are stretches that you can do
    • In the bed
    • In the bathroom
    • At the office
  • There is a category that is a little more complicated and is designed for comparatively flexible people.
  • The final category suits those with shoulder injuries as they don’t stress out the shoulder muscles much

Who Is Pelvic Floor Strong Designed For?

Pelvic Floor Strong women health program mainly targets women above the age of forty, who struggle with weak pelvic floor muscles and its direct results. The major reason such a program was designed was to find a solution to the common issue of urinary incontinence. So anyone with a problematic pelvic system and suffering its consequences can opt for this program if looking for a solution.  

Who Should Avoid Trying The Pelvic Floor Strong System?

According to the Pelvic Floor Strong creator, there isn’t a category of women who cannot follow it. They have answered all such worries in their Frequently Asked Questions section, addressing each category. The answers given state that the program is safe for women above sixty years old, those who had children over a decade ago, those who are not physically fit, and even those who had a C-section while giving birth.

Be that as it may, I would advise you to speak with your doctor in person if you belong to any one of these categories or have concerns of any other kind, before proceeding with the Alex’s Pelvic Floor Strong program at your discretion.  

When Will The Pelvic Floor Strong Results Be Visible?

From what I gathered, the creator and her mother, who were the original practitioners of Pelvic Floor Strong exercises, found relief within a month. The money-back policy of sixty days indicates that it might take up to two months for some individuals to get proper results.

The Pelvic Floor Strong reviews I read, the testimonials I heard from my patients, and my personal experience following the program for two months, also back these statements as the majority of them noticed improvements within four to six weeks of starting with the program. However, the results of such programs depend on several other factors that vary in every individual, reflecting on the time taken in each of their cases.  

Where To Purchase Pelvic Floor Strong?

The Pelvic Floor Strong fitness system is solely available for purchase on its official website. There are only two packages to choose from. If you select the digital copy of the program, you will get access to the file right after you finish with the payment procedures.

If you decide to go with the package that includes both the digital program and the physical copy, you will get access to the former instantly, while the latter will reach your doorstep in a matter of days. Pelvic Floor Strong is not available on any other sites or e-commerce platforms, so be careful not to fall prey to fraudulent products sold under the same name. 

Does Pelvic Floor Strong Offer A Refund?

This women health program has a no-questions-asked 100% money-back policy that guarantees a full refund if you are not satisfied with the purchase. You can try the program for a full sixty days, and see whether it has any impact on the health of your pelvic floor muscles. If not, you can apply for a refund within sixty days from the date of your Pelvic Floor Strong purchase, and your account will be credited with the entire amount you spent on purchasing the program. 

How Much Does Pelvic Floor Strong Cost?

As mentioned in one of the earlier sections, the Pelvic Floor Strong video system is available in two different packages. There is a digital download-only package, and there is another digital version + physical copies package. The program was originally priced at $150, to which they later added discounts to make it accessible to a diverse range of customers. 

The Pelvic Floor Strong price details are given below.

Digital copy package$49
Digital + Physical copy package$59

You will have access to the digital version of Pelvic Floor Strong as soon as you are done with the payment process. Those who opted for the package with the physical copy will receive the package within a week of placing the order.

Pros And Cons Of Pelvic Floor Strong System

What do you think is the possibility of Pelvic Floor Strong exercise routine harming your health? Does it have any other drawbacks that are not related to health? In what ways would you benefit by purchasing it?


  • Both physical and digital versions are available
  • The program can be accessed from anywhere at any time
  • The digital version is compatible with any electronic device including laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Money-back guarantee on every Pelvic Floor Strong purchase


  • The program may not work for everyone in the same way
  • The Pelvic Floor Strong package with a physical copy seems unnecessary since the bonus handbook has the same content 

Pelvic Floor Strong Bonuses

Every Pelvic Floor Strong order comes with two free bonuses, regardless of the package you choose to buy. 

Pelvic Floor Strong Bonuses
  • Pelvic Floor Strong Information Handbook: This is a package of two books, where one of them contains the same information and the 3-step movement sequence as the video, and the second one is a checklist that helps you track your improvement with the program. 
  • Flat Belly Fast Exercise Video: This is a video guide of diastasis-safe ab-exercises that you can practice at home. 
  • Back to Life 3 Stretch Pain-Free Program: A digital program designed to help relieve lower back pain and stages of sciatica with home-based stretches.

Pelvic Floor Strong Complaints And Side Effects

It is common knowledge that no matter how safe an exercise routine is said to be if you don’t practice it in the right way and the right posture, it could adversely affect your health. So, that is something you should be cautious about if you want to achieve your goal without having any side effects.

With this program, neither I nor my patients have experienced any kind of side effects even after following it religiously for about two months. None of the Pelvic Floor Strong customer reviews have revealed anything either. However, make sure to check with your physician first if you are skeptical about the program being the right fit for you, especially if you have any medical condition.  

Pelvic Floor Strong Consumer Reports

Before writing this Pelvic Floor Strong system review, I have referred to enough customer reviews and testimonials to learn more about individual experiences with the program. As I had assumed, the majority of them were positive, praising the program and its creator for solving an embarrassing and annoying issue that they thought would be permanent. 

“I have had urinary leakage since my first childbirth which was about ten years ago. The second pregnancy made it even worse and I couldn’t even laugh at jokes without thinking about leaking anymore. All that was until I came across this amazing program. It was nothing less than life-transformative for me. Grateful forever.” Abby Dempsy

“To be honest. I wasn’t really interested in trying the program since I have been doing kegel exercises for a while now. As I understood, the Pelvic Floor Strong program incorporates kegel exercises with some breathing and posture-related movements that claim to solve the issue completely. Well, it would have been a loss if I hadn’t tried it. Never doubting the routine again!” – Harper Murray

“Who knew this was everything I needed to laugh and sneeze as much as I wanted? I confidently wear light-colored trousers now, because you know what, I have nothing to be worried about anymore!”Eleanor Young       

Final Verdict And Recommendations: Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews

Now, if you think I would recommend Alex Miller’s Pelvic Floor Strong program to every woman who is frustrated with their bladder, you are absolutely right. I’m not saying this is the right fit for everyone who deals with the issue, but I’m sure that it will help a lot of us overcome our daily struggles with a bladder that can’t be controlled. Because it sure did do that for me!

This is the same sentiment that most of the customers expressed in the Pelvic Floor Strong reviews online. The program focuses on the pelvic floor system to resolve issues that stem from a weak system. It doesn’t strengthen not just the pelvic floor muscles but the abdominal, shoulder, and chest muscles as well. It tones the core muscles to get rid of lower belly fat and improves your overall appearance in a matter of one or two months. The program, along with the bonuses also deals with lower back pain and sciatica, filling you with more energy throughout the day.

Unlike other digital programs, this one also provides the option to choose a package with a hard copy considering the customers’ convenience. The money-back policy ensures a risk-free trial of the Pelvic Floor Strong exercise program, adding to its credibility among customers. Do you think it’s worth a shot?  


1. Is the program safe for people with joint health issues?

It depends on how severe your issues are. The movements are low-impact, so wouldn’t worsen the condition if they are mild. However, if your issues are more serious, be cautious and make sure the program is the right fit for you.

2. How many times a day should I practice the routine?

As per the creator, once a day is enough. If you have time, you can go for twice a day but don’t overdo it. 

3. How do I know if my bladder leakage is due to a weak pelvic system?

Bladder leakages are due to a weak pelvic system, but the reasons for a weak system might vary in some cases. If you feel like it could be something more, make an appointment with your physician and make sure whether it could be resolved with the program.

4. Can I practice the routine right after childbirth?

I would advise you to wait a bit more until your body adapts to the new normal. In some cases, the body bounces back within a few months and you wouldn’t even experience bladder leakage, which makes such a program unnecessary for you.

5. Is it safe to practice the program during pregnancy?

It’s probably not. So, don’t take the risk but follow a routine that is specifically created for pregnant women that won’t harm you or your child. 


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