The National RSDS Awareness Campaign needs your help! Last year the RSDHope Group started the National Senate Awareness Campaign to get a National Resolution for the Awareness of RSD in the month of October. We are now coordinating this effort with Groups all over the country in a TEAM effort. The RSDSA of NJ has now endorsed our Awareness Campaign as well as Groups from CA to FL to ME!!

We feel that having the disease recognized Nationally by the Congress would not only heighten awareness but also enable patients to have greater success getting their RSDS claims to SSDisability and Workman’s Compensation and other insurance claims more quickly and successfully recognized. With the Congress being so tied up with the Impeachment proceeding we decided to try and work behind the scenes until they were done. We want to thank all of you who have waited patiently for us to get some of those details done.

It was worth the wait. We now have two sponsors in the Congress who will be sending the Resolution around to the other Congressmen and women over the next few months to RECOGNIZE OCTOBER AS NATIONAL RSDS AWARENESS MONTH. Now is where we need your helpWe need each and every one of you, and your loved ones and friends, to write to your Congressmen and women and ask them to support this Resolution when it comes to the floor. Ask them to pay attention to it when it crosses their desks and TELL THEM WHY!

Let them know why it is vital that this disease be recognized, why it is vital for people to develop an awareness of it, why we need funding for research, and what it has done to your lives! Let them know in real, personal terms how it has affected you. We each have a vote In November. Let them know that we the voters are asking them to do this extremely important work.

I realize we each only have so much spare time when we are physically able to write and we want to use our energy wisely. Think what would be the most effective use of your time and efforts among the choices out there. We have
a chance to make a big impact here. After the Congress comes the Senate, already working on that 🙂

This won’t be easy and it won’t be quick but we need to do this for those who follow behind us. One day we all hope and pray there will be no need for such legislation but until then we have to put forth the extra effort, every effort, to raise awareness NOW, we cannot wait.

We have Groups all across the country from Maine to California working together on this. It is the only way to make it happen. If you are in or if you run a Support group, online or locally, please get your group involved. If you have a newsletter, please place this information in it; copy it if you like. This is too important to put on the back burner. The time is now, the person is you! Please help all patients everywhere.

If you are on-line, you can go to for information on contacting your Congressional Representatives. If you are not on the computer, simply look in your phone book and/or contact your local Town Office. Please spread the word and help us get this program passed!

In coordination with this we are asking those Groups who currently do not have a specific month for their States RSD Awareness, to make it October. I know currently that Groups have them all across the calendar, we are not asking everyone to move. It has been pointed out that having individual months throughout the year serves as yearlong reminders. We leave that decision up to you.  But we ask that even if your Group has a month other than October, to please help us gain a National Awareness Month in October. Lets help make the year 2000 the year that RSDS was recognized across the board. If we all work together we can make it happen.

Lets help make the year 2000 the year that RSDS was recognized across the board. If we all work together we can make it happen.

I want to personally thank Gary and Linda Calhoun for all the work they have done with the Congress, much more work to come, and to Kathy Wegman who is Directing our Team , [email protected]

If you have any questions please contact
2650 2nd Avenue North
Fort Dodge, IA 50501-3610
(515) 576-8634

or contact the RSDHope Group at
email me [email protected]
or postal mail us at
RSDHope Group
PO Box 875
Harrison, ME 04040-0875

We would also like to thank additional members of the Campaign Team who have been instrumental and continue to be; Betsy Herman, Catherine Rice, Jessi ann Rosenbaum, Sally Johnson, and many other individuals and Support Groups across the Country. It is only through their efforts, and yours, that this campaign can and will succeed!

Thank you,
Keith Orsini,
Director RSDHope Group

June 18, 1999

To: Keith Orsini, executive director

From: Paul Charlesworth, president

Subject: Endorsement of RSDHope’s National Awareness Campaign

The RSDSA Board of Directors enthusiastically agrees to support RSDHope’s National Senate Awareness Campaign. We endorse your Campaign’s goals: to promote greater awareness of this under-recognized syndrome, and to make it easier for individuals disabled by RSDS’ symptoms to successfully obtain compensation. RSDSA is committed to supporting all activities that will benefit the RSDS community and all individuals afflicted by chronic pain.

We will gladly assist you to promote the Campaign. It would be helpful if you would inform us of any upcoming promotional events and strategies so that we can share it with our members by publicizing them in the RSDSA Review and our Internet site. The deadline for the August issue of the Review is July 15, 1999.

Looking forward to working with you.