Randall Chronic Pain Scale

McGill Pain Index

What is the McGill Pain Index?

Quite simply, it is an index, put into the form of a bargraph, comparing the various types of Chronic Pain with “Causalgia”. Causalgia is latin for Burning Pain and the original term for RSDS and now CRPS. While all types of Chronic Pain are not listed, they were included in the study.

As you can see, RSD is far and away the most painful form of Chronic Pain that exists today . A huge 42 on the scale! Any of you that also have other forms of Chronic Pain can now see why their RSD pain dominates their mind and body so much.

Many have asked for a picture of the McGill Pain Index, so here it is. There are many versions out there. This one includes various types of childbirth pain as well.

This is a good tool to use with your loved ones to help them compare our pain with other diseases and problems in a form they can relate to.

It also helps you to see that you are NOT exaggerating your pain one little bit!

Feel free to make a copy of the McGill Pain Index for your own personal files.