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Are you tired of the constant buzzing sound in your ears that has snatched your sleep and mental peace? If yes, you might be suffering from tinnitus. You might be tired of trying several supplements, home remedies, and a lot more. Don’t worry; VitaHear Plus has got your back. I have been researching this supplement since I heard about it from my colleagues. So, after an elaborate study, I decided to draft a VitaHear Plus review, as it would be helpful for those suffering from tinnitus.

As most of you know, tinnitus is a very common disease, especially among adults. People of all ages, regardless of gender, are struggling with this problem. Although there are so many tinnitus supplements on the market, most of them do not live up to expectations, aiding in the suffering of people. Is this the case with the VitaHear Plus formula as well? Before trusting it and losing hope, let us first analyze this supplement.

VitaHear Plus Reviews: Does It Help Get Rid Of Ear Ringing Issues?

I collected as much information about this nutritional supplement from several genuine sources as possible. The major source of my information was the VitaHear Plus official website. Apart from that, I researched several health forums, medical websites, and social media platforms. I also analyzed verified customer responses available on platforms like Reddit and Quora and other VitaHear Plus reviews.

So, this review will help you have a deeper understanding of the supplement by discussing its ingredients, benefits, workings, pros and cons, pricing, availability, return policy, and many more. Let us get into the world of the VitaHear Plus hearing support formula.

VitaHear Plus Review

Let us begin by giving a quick overview of this VitaHear Plus supplement.

NameVitaHear Plus
CategoryTinnitus support dietary supplement
Supplement formCapsules 
Ingredients Green Tea
Hibiscus Extract
Juniper Berries
Hawthorn Extract
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Benefits Reduces tinnitus symptoms
Supports healthy hearing
Fights inflammation
Improves sleep quality
Enhances blood flow
Helps cell regeneration
Enhance memory functions
Return policy 60-day money-back guarantee
Pricing $69 per bottle
Availability VitaHear Plus official website

What Is VitaHear Plus?

VitaHear Plus is a tinnitus support supplement used by everyone suffering from tinnitus and ear buzzing, regardless of age and gender. It is an all-natural health supplement formulated with natural active ingredients. These naturally collected ingredients help restore hearing loss, ear ringing, tinnitus, and brain fog.

Since all the ingredients used in this supplement are natural, the VitaHear Plus ear health formula is a non-GMO supplement without preservatives, chemicals, or gluten. With these features, the supplement has been claimed to help over 37,000 men and women restore their past lives, free of tinnitus.

VitaHear Plus is packed in airtight containers, and each bottle contains 60 capsules. My analysis suggests that this supplement’s capsule form makes it easy to use. The supplement also claims no major side effects and provides quick results. The manufacturing quality is also satisfactory.

All the facilities used are approved by the FDA and certified by the GMP. Furthermore, the supplement undergoes multiple safety tests that ensure its safety and effectiveness. So, the VitaHear Plus tinnitus-relief formula seems to be an efficient hearing support supplement at first glance.

How Does VitaHear Plus Work?

Although we have discussed the features of the VitaHear Plus supplement, isn’t it important to have a detailed analysis of its workings? Let us have an elaborate discussion on how it works in this section. So, as I analyzed its workings, I understood that the supplement aims to regenerate the neurons that carry sounds and signals from the ear to the brain.

Studies suggest that tinnitus, or ear buzzing, happens not because of the problem in the ears but because of the degeneration of the neurons that act as the messengers between the brain and the ears. As this degeneration occurs, the synapses, the site of electric impulses, reduce causing irritation and pain in the ears.  

Being a tinnitus support formula, the VitaHear Plus capsule promotes ear health and reduces inflammation and degeneration of brain cells with its active ingredients. The anti-inflammatory properties of some of its ingredients, like Green Tea extract, Hibiscus extract, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B help to reduce inflammation and protect ear and brain cells.

The antioxidants in ingredients like Juniper berries remove toxins from the brain and ear cells and improve blood flow. The antioxidants also reduce oxidative stress in nerves and provide a calming effect. So, overall, the VitaHear Plus hearing support formula provides complete protection against long-lasting tinnitus and hearing loss. 

Benefits And Key Factors Of VitaHear Plus

When I began my analysis, I was only aware of a few VitaHear Plus benefits. But, as I researched this supplement, I realized that more than being a tinnitus support pill, it has several other benefits. Check out the details below to get a clear picture of the benefits of this healthy hearing supplement. 

  • Reduces tinnitus symptoms

The main aim of VitaHear Plus pills is to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. With the help of natural ingredients, this supplement provides the nutrients and minerals required to eliminate the root cause of tinnitus and provides longer relief.

  • Supports healthy hearing

The anti-inflammatory properties of the various VitaHear Plus ingredients reduce inflammation in the brain and ear cells. This provides multiple benefits for the auditory system by reducing pain, irritation, and buzzing sounds, leading to better hearing.  

  • Improves sleep quality

VitaHear Plus formula reduces the discomfort caused by tinnitus, such as the buzzing sound and pain. This helps to improve sleep quality as disturbances in sleep will be reduced. 

  • Supports cell regeneration

The polyphenols in Green tea extract protect cells from degeneration. It promotes cell regeneration, aiding optimal ear health.  

How To Use VitaHear Plus Capsules?

The official website suggests taking 2 VitaHear Plus capsules daily for at least 30 days to gain optimal results. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, so one bottle of the supplement will be ideal for 30 days. Although there is no prescribed time to take the capsules, I recommend taking them first thing in the morning, as it helps to maximize results.

Consume the VitaHear Plus tablets with a glass of water, and remember to keep yourself hydrated while using the capsules. Additionally, stick to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and do not exceed the dosage. 

VitaHear Plus Ingredients List

So, as we move ahead, let us analyze its ingredients, which are the major factors behind the efficient working of the supplement. VitaHear Plus anti-tinnitus supplement is formulated with 13 active natural ingredients collected from various parts of the world. These ingredients work to reduce tinnitus, ear buzzing, and pain. They also improve sleep quality, memory functions, and cell regeneration. So let’s analyze them in detail. 

VitaHear Plus Ingredients
  • Green Tea Extract

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, the polyphenols in Green Tea help to reduce noise-induced hearing loss. Being an ear health formula, the VitaHear Plus capsule improves hearing, and the polyphenols in Green tea aid in achieving this benefit.  

  • Juniper Berries

ScienceDirect suggests that Juniper berries possess several medicinal benefits like anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antitumoral, neuroprotective, and many more. The antioxidants in this VitaHear Plus ingredient remove toxins from brain and ear cells. It also reduces inflammation and related issues and improves blood flow. 

  • Hawthorn Extract

Studies prove that Hawthorn berries improve blood flow by increasing coronary artery blood flow, aiding relaxed nerves, and improving blood circulation. According to WebMD, the antioxidant effects of the flavonoids in Hawthorn equip it to perform these functions.

  • Other ingredients
  • Garlic
  • Hibiscus Extract
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C 

Who Is VitaHear Plus Designed For?

VitaHear Plus can be used by anyone with tinnitus or ear health issues. As the supplement has several ingredients that reduce inflammation, pain, and irritation, it will be beneficial for various ear health issues. It can be used by those suffering from ear buzzing, swelling, pain, or ringing. The supplement also claims to have zero side effects and medication interactions.

However, as the results and effects may vary for different individuals, I recommend consulting a healthcare professional before using the VitaHear Plus ear health supplement, especially if you are taking any medications. 

Is VitaHear Plus A Scam?

According to my analysis, VitaHear Plus is a legitimate tinnitus support supplement. The manufacturing quality and efficiency of the ingredients prove their genuineness. As discussed earlier, it is manufactured following strict guidelines certified by GMP. Additionally, all the facilities used in manufacturing are approved by the FDA. The scientific backing and quality of all the ingredients also increase the safety of the VitaHear Plus tinnitus relief formula. 

However, closely analyze the ingredients used in the supplement and make sure they do not cause allergies. Although the manufacturers ensure zero VitaHear Plus side effects, there are possibilities of initial side effects and allergies, as the effects may vary according to individuals.  

Alternative Options For VitaHear Plus

Comparing a supplement with its alternatives helps identify its worth and efficiency. So, I compared VitaHear Plus with its two alternatives, Tinnitus 911 and Quietum Plus. The analysis confirmed that all three supplements are worth using and provide positive results. However, let us analyze them in depth to find which supplement is more worthwhile.

VitaHear Plus And Alternatives
Supplement VitaHear PlusTinnitus 911Quietum Plus
Supplement formCapsules Capsules Capsules 
Net quantity60 capsules60 capsules60 capsules
Ingredients Green Tea
Hibiscus Extract
Juniper Berries
Hawthorn Extract
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Hawthorn Berry
Green Tea
Juniper Berries
Uva Ursi
Vitamin C
Mucuna Pruriens and Maca Root
Epimedium and Tribulus Terrestris
Dong Quai
Muira Puama and Ginger
Catuaba Powder & Damiana
Ashwagandha & Piperine
Sarsaparilla Root & Asparagus
Vitamin A, B & Zinc
L-Tyrosine & L-Arginine
Possibility of side effectsNone None None 
Return policy60-day return policy90-day return policy60-day return policy
Pricing $69$69.95$69

As you can see, all these supplements are made out of natural ingredients and provide efficient results. However, when I conducted a vast analysis, the VitaHear Plus customer reviews seemed to be better than the alternatives.  

VitaHear Plus Customer Reviews

I analyzed some of the customer reviews available on various online platforms, like Reddit and Quora. Most of these VitaHear Plus reviews are satisfactory and largely positive. The majority of customers are satisfied with the results offered by the formula. They shared that the supplement helped them get away from the constant buzzing sound in their ears.

The sleep, memory functions, and concentration of many of the users were also improved by VitaHear Plus. Reports of any side effects were also missing for this supplement. However, while it worked quickly with most customers, some experienced slow results.

Now, let us analyze some of the user testimonials for VitaHear Plus supplement. 

  • Phillip T

I have been experiencing irritation and buzzing in my ears for quite some time. I tried several supplements but could not find any lasting results. Recently, I started experiencing hearing loss, and my memory started to fade. However, luckily, I was introduced to VitaHear Plus by one of my friends. I only used it for a month but started observing its results. The buzzing sound has vanished completely.  

  • Roy Thomas

Let me admit, I was skeptical when I started to use VitaHear Plus. As I have tried various pills and capsules, I was not convinced when my daughter said that taking two pills of VitaHear Plus would help me reduce my tinnitus. But it worked. I have been using this supplement for over 4 months. Not only did it reduce my tinnitus, but it also improved my memory and concentration.  

  • Caroline Joy

The constant buzzing sound in my ears took me to the verge of a mental breakdown. I was fed up with the irritation, pain, and frustration caused by tinnitus. I felt that no one would ever be able to understand my situation. All the medicines I tried were in vain. But VitaHear Plus was a real game-changer. It cured my tinnitus completely. Now I no longer struggle with ear ringing or hearing loss.  

VitaHear Plus Side Effects And Risks

According to the manufacturer’s claims, the VitaHear Plus auditory support formula offers zero side effects. The natural ingredients and strict manufacturing conditions enable the supplement to work without causing any side effects in the users. The natural formula of the supplement, with no GMOs, gluten, or preservatives, also aids in reducing the side effects.

These claims are largely supported by the customers as well. The customer reviews suggest that the supplement offered them safe and quick results. There are no reports of side effects or medication interactions caused by VitaHear Plus ear health pills. However, being a dietary supplement, it can cause initial side effects in some people. So, be cautious of them and consult your healthcare professional if you witness any negative reactions. 

VitaHear Plus Manufacturer Details

The minimal side effects and best results of VitaHear Plus made me curious about its manufacturers. So, I conducted thorough research on it and learned that Pete Caldwell, a professor in epidemiology, is one of the founders of the VitaHear Plus hearing support formula.

According to the available information, Pete inherited this ear health formula from Dr. Joseph Barnes, founder of the International Community for the Relief of Suffering and Hunger. Pete Caldwell later developed this formula, which is believed to have been found by Dr. Barnes.  

Through an extensive analysis, I learned that the supplement is retailed through BuyGoods, a reputed medical dealer in the US. Additionally, VitaHear Plus capsules are manufactured at FDA-approved and GMP-certified US facilities.  

Pros And Cons Of VitaHear Plus

So far, we have discussed most of the major aspects of VitaHear Plus supplement, including its ingredients, workings, and benefits. Isn’t it equally important to be aware of the demerits of this supplement? So, now let us analyze its pros and cons. For this, I conducted a detailed study and have listed some of them below: 


  • All-natural formula
  • Do not contain GMOs or gluten
  • Manufactured with pure and natural ingredients collected from around the world
  • FDA-approved and GMP-certified manufacturing facilities
  • Discounts and free shipping for bundle orders
  • No reports of VitaHear Plus side effects


  • Results may vary depending on the individuals
  • May not be efficient for pregnant women
  • Availability is limited to the VitaHear Plus official website

When To Expect VitaHear Plus Results?

The time taken for results is subjective to each individual. It may vary according to the user’s lifestyle, eating habits, and sleep schedules. However, the manufacturers of VitaHear Plus recommend using the supplement for at least 30 days. They suggest that the supplement will start working quickly, showing positive changes within a couple of weeks.

According to the manufacturer’s claims, ear ringing and irritation will be reduced within a month. Taking VitaHear Plus tablets for 2 to 3 months will help to improve hearing and make it clearer and sharper. However, the recommended usage of the supplement is 6 months, as the supplement will provide essential vitamins and minerals required to restore hearing and overall ear health within this duration.  

VitaHear Plus Price And Availability

As we have discussed most aspects of VitaHear Plus, you might have decided whether or not to buy it. But, before you purchase it, make sure you are doing it from the right place. It is available exclusively on its official website. As mentioned by its manufacturers, this health supplement is not available in-store or on other e-commerce websites.

Several reasons led them to restrict their sales to the official website. The official website provides multiple packages and money-saving options. The supplement, available in three different packages, offers discounts for bundle orders. Along with the highest discount, the 6-bottle order also provides free US shipping. The VitaHear Plus price details are given below:

  • 1 bottle: $69 per bottle (30-day supply)
  • 3 bottles: $59 per bottle (90-day supply)
  • 6 bottles: $49 per bottle (180-day supply) 

VitaHear Plus Money-Back Guarantee

Along with providing quality supplements at an affordable rate, the VitaHear Plus bottle offers an easy return policy. According to this offer, customers can easily return their supplement if it is ineffective for them within the first 60 days of purchase. The manufacturers ensure an easy, no-question-asked return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee, which can be received within a few days. 

Final Verdict And Recommendations: VitaHear Plus Reviews

As we have reached the end of this VitaHear Plus review, it is important to share my final verdict. I feel that it is a safe and effective health supplement. Unlike other supplements, VitaHear Plus reduces the degeneration of neurons, which is the main reason for tinnitus.

Along with improving the symptoms of tinnitus, this ear health supplement rejuvenates sleep, increases blood flow, reduces stress, enhances memory functions, and fights inflammation. The 13 natural ingredients make the VitaHear Plus supplement 100% natural and free of GMOs and gluten. The manufacturing quality of the supplement is also impressive, with FDA and GMP certifications.  

The manufacturers have maintained decent quality in their packages as well. All the capsules are packed in airtight containers with proper sealing. Each bottle VitaHear Plus bottle has 60 dietary capsules that can be taken with water. The customer service and customer-friendly policies of this supplement are also commendable.

It provides an easy 60-day return policy for all its orders. The availability of multiple packages, discounts, and free shipping with 6-bottle orders are other attractions of VitaHear Plus. Reports suggest that this supplement offers zero side effects and has no medication interactions, ensuring its quality and safety. So, to conclude, the VitaHear Plus tinnitus relief formula can be used by everyone suffering from tinnitus and ear health problems, regardless of age and gender.

VitaHear Plus Reviews – Overall Supplement Score

VitaHear Plus is a tinnitus support supplement designed for anyone experiencing tinnitus and ear buzzing, regardless of age or gender. This health supplement is made with all-natural active ingredients. These ingredients work together to help VitaHear Plus alleviate hearing loss, ear ringing, tinnitus, and brain fog.

– Kendra Reed

VitaHear Plus
Quality Ingredients
User Reports
Cost and Value
Manufacturing Standards


Considering the aforementioned aspects, VitaHear Plus stands out as a high-quality supplement for ear health and alleviating tinnitus. My overall score is:



1. How secure is my payment with VitaHear Plus?

VitaHear Plus provides safe one-time payment without any hidden charges.

2. How long do VitaHear Plus capsules take to deliver my order?

Your VitaHear Plus order will be delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the US within 5 business days.

3. Should I make any dietary changes while using VitaHear Plus ear health pi;ss?

No. The supplement does not demand any specific dietary changes.

4. Does VitaHear Plus offer free shipping for all orders?

No. The 1 and 3-bottle packages of VitaHear Plus have a small shipping charge.

5. Which bottle of VitaHear Plus should I order?

You can order any package depending on your convenience. However, the 6-bottle package offers more discounts than others.

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