Here are the TOP 15 most frequently asked questions and their answers regarding CRPS that we have received here at American RSDHope.

Questions on;
Memory, Medications, The spread of CRPS, Use of ice, Dental issues, The right type of Doctor to treat CRPS,  Sweating & CRPS, Nerve Blocks, Friends & CRPS, How long will my CRPS last, CRPS & surgery/ER Visits, CRPS & Blood tests, Does CRPS go into remission, Does CRPS “burn itself out”, Is there a difference between CRPS & RSDS?Can I live with CRPS?

There is also now an FAQ Part Two HERE.

The FAQ Part Two questions are a little more complicated and/or required an entire article to answer. Click on that link to see all of them.  Feel free to send the link for this page to your loved ones to help them understand your disease a little better. If you have some questions you would like to suggest for these sections send them to Keith at American RSDHope.

We at American RSDHope are not medical professionals. Do not start/stop any treatment/medication without consulting with your Doctor.