CRPS FAQ’s Part Two

Hopefully you have already read the section above, CRPS FAQ’s, the Top Fifteen Questions we get asked.

In Part Two we will cover some of the other questions we get asked very often. This section will cover those topics that we have previously written about in article form. They are all available on the menu to the right;

ADDICTION, DEPENDENCE, OR TOLERANCE? – This article pulls information from many articles out there in an attempt to differentiate between these three terms.  There are some people in the medical field who have been trying to convince the general public that every chronic pain patient who takes opiods to help manage that chronic pain becomes addicted to those opiods and ends up abusing them and in many cases either sells them or overdoses on them. This article helps to explain how an understanding of the differences between these terms is crucial to developing a true understanding of the management of the distribution of opiods.

CRPS or FIBROMYALGIA? – Many patients get confused by these two diseases and even some physicians since the two have similar symptoms. We do have some articles about Fibromyalgia on our website. There are even quite a few CRPS patients who develop Fibromyalgia years after their CRPS symptoms started and they end up with both diseases simultaneously.

WHAT DOES CRPS FEEL LIKE? – If you don’t have CRPS this article will give you a look inside the disease.

CRPS , CHRONIC PAIN, and ACUTE PAIN – WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? – Do all chronic pain patients have CRPS? What is the difference between Chronic Pain, Acute Pain, and Chronic Pain? Is CRPS Chronic Pain or Acute Pain?

THE CHRONIC PAIN DIET or THE FOUR F’S DIET – Many patients ask for Dr Hooshang Hooshmand’s Chronic Pain Diet, or simply want to know if there are foods they should avoid to lessen their pain or others that they should eat more to improve their overall pain picture. Dr Hooshmand put together this Chronic Pain diet and we share it here with you. If it helps you, fantastic. If nothing else, it is certainly a better way to eat healthy!

PAIN EDUCATION IN MEDICAL SCHOOLS – This article discusses how and how much pain is taught in medical schools today. It might surprise you!

PAIN CLINICS – WHAT ARE THEY AND WHAT DO THEY DO? – This article answers some questions asked by many patients when they are searching for a facility to treat their CRPS about Pain Clinics.