Definitive Library for CRPS / RSD/Chronic Pain

Definitive Library For RSD/CRPS & Chronic Pain! – This is the website of Howard Black. He has put together an amazing collection of links, articles, organizations, and much much more that you have to check out.The actual name of the website is the Definitive LINK Library for CRPS/RSD & CHRONIC PAIN but I took out the LINK in the name because I think that is misleading. I think it takes away from what the site is. While it is true it is a collection of links to a ton of information, it is really much more of a LIBRARY. Think of going to your local library and needing a book. Well, this is a library for chronic pain patients. There is even a SEARCH box so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

WHAT IS THERE? – It would take ten paragraphs explaining everything he has included on his website; suffice to say if you want to know the latest information on CRPS, RSD, and/or Chronic Pain, or if you need a link for any of these things and don’t want to waste your time strolling through Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any of the other search engines just go straight There. Howard even puts out a Monthly Newsletter via email or you can see it on the website now! Want to know what is happening legislatively? He’s got it there. The latest in Clinical Trials, Drug Treatments, CRPS/RSD Support Groups and Blogs, it is all right there.
Medical Journals, Pharmaceutical Assistance, the list goes on and on.

MEDICAL INFORMATION HERE – You have come here to American RSDHope to learn about this new disease you have been diagnosed with. Fantastic! I encourage all CRPS/RSD patients to get their medical information from either American RSDHope or the RSDSA because that is what we do, that is what we are here for, it is what we do best. For the rest, I encourage you to pop on over to Howard’s website.

One organization, or a small group of people, or especially one person cannot do it all and do it well but everyone working together can all accomplish amazing things. It is why we have been pushing those of you on FB so hard to switch from trying to write medical pages and instead focus on sharing your personal journey with CRPS. It is easier for you to do, is much more powerful a message, and will influence the public in a bigger way.

This disease is difficult enough without trying to go it alone. So drop in, check some of the info out, especially some of the blogs and support group pages, and tell Howard you dropped in from American RSDHope!