A Detailed Analysis Of RepHresh Gel: Is It Worth The Buzz?

By Arie Jansen

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Dear women, are you someone who suffers from vaginal odor and doesn’t know what to do about it? If yes, I have a solution for you and to know about it read on. Vaginal odor and discomfort are common among women, especially after their periods or having intercourse. A certain level of odor from the vagina is normal, but when it becomes abnormal, you need to be cautious.

As a gynecologist who has years of experience in reviewing feminine hygienic products, I recently came across RepHresh vaginal gels. These are expert-recommended vaginal hygiene products that claim to be based on research and clinical studies.

I decided to research this brand’s products; especially this particular vaginal gel. And this RepHresh review is the aftereffect of that endeavor.

RepHresh Reviews: Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects, And More Explained!!!

If you are experiencing vaginal odor, there can be multiple reasons behind it. But believe me, it is not a complex problem. But if you have concerns, contacting a medical provider before using such feminine products is recommended.

This RepHresh review will provide you with what the gel is about, how it works, the benefits offered, ingredients analysis, a comparison with other similar products, etc. So dive into the review and discover everything about RepHresh odor-eliminating gel.

RepHresh Review

I have compiled the basic details on RepHresh vaginal moisturizer in this section. You will learn what the name of the gel is, how it works, what form it comes in, benefits, dosage, and much more here. Have a look at the table below:

NameRepHresh Vaginal Gel
FormVaginal gel
PurposeBalances vaginal pH
Eliminates vaginal odor
Relieves discomfort from vaginal dryness
IngredientsPurified Water
Carbomer Homopolymer Type B
Methylparaben Sodium
Duration of EffectUp to 3 days
Usage InstructionsInsert applicator, squeeze gel into vagina, discard applicator
Safety InformationNo known side effects
Recommended ForWomen experiencing vaginal odor, pH imbalance, and dryness
Pricing$13.48/ One Unit
AvailabilityThrough the RepHresh official website

An Introduction To RepHresh

After much research, I learned that RepHresh is a trusted brand and gynecologist-recommended company that specializes in creating feminine health products. The RepHresh vaginal gel is one of their products that is designed to eliminate feminine odor and balance pH levels in the vagina. Available as easy-to-dissolve vaginal gels, these products are ideal for women who are at least 18 years or older.

The manufacturers claim that the gel can eliminate odor for up to 3 days. I found that this gel comes with a prefilled applicator that can be used directly in the problem area. This applicator can deposit the gel on your vaginal cavity and after use, you can throw away the device. You can use RepHresh gel after your periods, or sex, douching and maintaining freshness anytime.

Who Is RepHresh Designed For? And Who Should Avoid?

The RepHresh odor-eliminating gel is most beneficial for:

  • Ideal for women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis and vaginal odor
  • For women who suffer from discomfort due to vaginal dryness
  • For women who want to maintain a healthy pH level in their vagina.

Individuals who should avoid using RepHrash gel:

  • Children under 18 years of age
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Women with existing medical conditions
  • Women during their periods

Benefits And Key Factors Of RepHresh

One of my primary concerns before evaluating the RepHresh formula was to understand what are the core benefits of this gel. I learned that the gel provides multiple benefits for feminine hygiene and some of them are listed below for your information.

  • Maintains healthy vaginal pH levels– RepHresh gels work at the root cause of the problem and help in supporting healthy vaginal pH levels. Research has shown that having a balanced pH is necessary for maintaining overall vaginal health.
  • Reduces feminine odor and vaginal discomfort– The primary use of RepHresh gel is to eliminate bad odor. It uses ingredients such as glycerin and purified water that can remove odor and also relieve you from vaginal discomfort.
  • Moisturizes vagina and prevents dryness– Most of the time, lack of enough moisture inside the vaginal cavity causes problems. RepHresh vaginal gel is specially designed to beat these problems and their proprietary ingredients also prevent dryness.
  • Supports overall vaginal health– As RepHresh is free from hormones and chemicals, it can promote your overall vaginal health. It will keep your intimate parts fresh and hygienic all the time and prevent the onset of any vaginal infections.

How To Use RepHresh Gel?

RepHresh vaginal moisturizer gels are easy to use and each pack contains 4, pre-filled single-use applicators. Here is how you use it:

RepHresh Gel Usage
  • First, you have to remove the applicator from its wrap.
  • Now by placing your grip strongly on the thick end, shake the applicator four times
  • Next, bend the tip of the applicator back and forth and gently insert the open ending inside the vagina.
  • Squeeze the thick ending 2-3 sides to expel the gel inside into the vagina.
  • After use, discard the applicator in the waste bin.

Use the RepHresh applicator every once in three days to maintain healthy pH levels. Discontinue use if any irritation happens and consult a doctor immediately.

RepHresh Ingredients: What’s Inside The Gel?

As per my understanding, RepHresh vaginal moisturizing gel is made out of clinically-formulated ingredients. These ingredients are safe for usage and found to have research-backed properties in maintaining pH levels inside the vagina.

Now have a look at these RepHresh ingredients and how they function to eliminate bad odor.

RepHresh Ingredients

Purified Water

Purified water has undergone filtration to remove contaminants and impurities. It has multiple health benefits and is especially favorable for skin and hair health. According to a research paper published by NIH, douching with water helps to eliminate vaginal odor. 


An odorless, colorless liquid, it is also called glycerol. This is a carbohydrate compound that is widely used in cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical products. Glycerin can improve skin hydration and even has antimicrobial properties. Research published in Environmental Health Perspectives journal has explained products containing glycerin are beneficial for vaginal health and cleansing. 


This is a common vaginal moisturizer that has been found to maintain healthy pH levels inside the vagina. A study published in ScienceDirect journal found that this polycarbophil gel is effective in treating bacterial vaginosis. It has been found to have positive effects on vaginal flora and helps in supporting optimum vaginal pH levels.

Carbomer Homopolymer Type B

The next ingredient in the RepHresh gel is carbomer homopolymer type B. Regarded as safe by the FDA, this chemical compound is widely used in cosmetic products. It can eliminate the bacterial buildup on the skin and reduce vaginal discomfort.

Ethylparaben Sodium

A water-soluble antiseptic chemical is used in various cosmetic products. These compounds have antimicrobial properties and can be beneficial in treating fungal infections. In a research paper published in STD Journals, ethylparaben sodium was found to be effective in fighting bacterial infections inside the vagina.

Apart from these, RepHresh vaginal health formula also contains Methylparaben sodium, Propylparaben sodium, and Sodium hydroxide.

How Does RepHresh Work?

I found that RepHresh anti-odor gels work based on studies and clinical trials that target the cause of odor and vaginal discomfort. According to this, not having a balanced vaginal pH level is the number one cause of bad odor.

It uses a set of ingredients that can collectively help your vagina to maintain healthy pH levels and thereby eliminate bad odor and discomfort. RepHresh vaginal gel works at the root of the cause behind bad odor and helps with maintaining vaginal health. The results can stay for 3-4 days for a single-time usage of this gel.

Alternative Options For RepHresh

As part of my detailed examination of RepHresh, I put the product under comparison with its alternatives, Replens, and Bonafide Revaree. According to its manufacturers, Replens is claimed as a long-lasting vaginal moisturizer. It is a doctor-recommended brand and helps in replenishing internal vaginal moisture. As per Bonafide Revaree makers, it is a drug-free, hormone-free vaginal moisturizer made with hyaluronic acid. Now let us compare all these three moisturizers.

ProductRepHreshBonafide RevareeReplens
ManufacturersChurch & Dwight CoBonafideChurch & Dwight – Personal Care
EffectivenessThe gynecologist recommended, effective and fast-actingEffectiveEffective
Possibility of side effectsNoneNoneNone

So from this table, you can see that all these three vaginal hygiene products have almost similar attributes and are ideal for the female body. But regarding pricing, it seems a bit cost-effective than the other two and it is also expert-recommended. So it will be better to choose RepHresh gel compared to the other two products.

RepHresh Side Effects And Risks

RepHresh odor elimination gels are considered to be safe for usage as there are no considerable side effects reported of their application. I find that the makers have put ample research and clinical studies into formulating this gel. It is made from a trusted brand and is gynecologist-recommended as safe for women.

I examined what RepHresh customers have to say about this and have found most of them have claimed only positive results from it. But among them, a few have reported having mild irritation and itchiness after its application. So it is better to have individual discretion and in case of any harmful effects, discontinue its usage and consult your doctor immediately. 

RepHresh Customer Reviews And Testimonials

An overview of the RepHresh customer reviews led me to the finding that around 4.6 stars out of 5 have been given to the product. Most of the customers are satisfied with its quality, scent, comfort, ease of use, value, pH balance properties, etc.

They also consider this as affordable and effective for long-term use. Only a minor group of customers have complained of having some mild side effects such as itchiness after using this gel. Anyway, here are some of the RepHresh testimonials you can refer to.

“ I had always struggled with vaginal odor and didn’t know what to do about it. My friend suggested RepHresh and at first, I was a bit doubtful. But as it was cost-effective, I decided to give it a try and it works like magic. Now I feel fresher and more comfortable than ever before!”Emily Fields

“ The odor that followed after my periods had made me uncomfortable. Due to that I rarely go out and meet with friends. My doctor suggested I use RepHresh. Now I no longer feel the bad odor and discomfort of dryness. “Tiffany Roseanne

“I started using RepHresh after getting affected by a UTI. I wanted to eliminate the bad odor, but I didn’t feel any considerable changes even after using the gel for one month. So I won’t suggest it to anyone.”Jennifer Hudson

Is RepHresh A Scam Or Fully Legit?

After going through the manufacturer’s details and other aspects, I have found that RepHresh is an authentic and trustworthy brand. It is a gynecologist-recommended firm and the products are made by medical experts. I could also find that there are relevant clinical studies associated with each product which adds to its authenticity.

Customers across Amazon and other social media platforms have claimed positive RepHresh reviews after using this gel. So an overall analysis of all these factors leads to the fact that the vaginal gel is not a scam but is a legit female hygienic product.

RepHresh Manufacturer Details

I examined the manufacturer details of RepHresh gel and found that the product is made under Church&Dwight Co, a United States-based consumer goods company. The company was found to focus on products related to personal care, household cleaning, specialty items, etc. RepHresh is a trusted brand and gynecologist-recommended firm that comes under this company.

I could find that the products made under this brand are designed by medical professionals following recent scientific research and advanced clinical studies. Every product is accompanied by clinical studies and made completely inside the United States following industry guidelines of safety and quality. 

Pros And Cons Of RepHresh

Being a medical reviewer, I make this list of positives and negatives of every supplement I come across. This gives me a clear picture of what the product is and whether it is harmful to health or not. So in this section, I have compiled the various pros and cons of RepHresh suppositories and you will get a clear idea of their effectiveness after.


  • Trusted brand & gynecologist recommended
  • Keeps fresh for 12 days
  • Clinically proven to maintain vaginal pH
  • Easy-to-use pre-filled gel applicators
  • No chemicals or spermicides
  • Free from hormones, estrogens, and antibiotics
  • Manufactured inside the United States


  • Might cause mild side effects in some women
  • Results might vary
  • Not ideal for pregnant, breastfeeding women
  • Only available through the official website and Amazon

From this list, it is evident that compared to negatives, the RepHresh formula has more positive effects. So it can be safely used without having to worry about many negative outcomes.

RepHresh Bonuses And Money-Back Guarantee

So I learned that every purchase made from the RepHresh official website deserves a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can return the new, unopened packages to the manufacturer and claim a full refund in case of any complaints or discrepancies.

The return is done through Amazon and is liable under its refund policies. You can claim a refund by going to the ‘Your Orders’ section on Amazon and selecting the item you want to return.

How Long Does It Take For RepHresh Gel To Work?

According to the RepHresh manufacturers, you only need to use the gel once every three days. Use it after your periods, sex or anytime you want to keep your vagina odor-free. Customers have claimed to regularly use it for 2-3 months to maintain optimal vaginal health. So it is better to follow a consistent pattern in using the applicator as this can help you to have better results over time.

RepHresh Price And Availability

As part of my research, I found that RepHresh odor-eliminating gel can be purchased only through the official website and e-commerce handles like Amazon. As the gel has many replicas in the market, the safest way is to stick to the official delivery channels. This helps you to avoid pitfalls and fraudulent purchases. Now let me explain the various pricing and package options available for RepHresh.

  • Quantity 1-  $13.48+ free shipping with Amazon Prime- One-Time Purchase
  • Quantity 1- $12.81+ free delivery- Subscribe&Save

Final Verdict And Recommendations: RepHresh Reviews

As we wind up, let us examine the aforementioned points in this RepHresh review. This vaginal gel is a clinically formulated vaginal hygiene suppositories that help to maintain healthy pH levels inside the vagina. The gels can eliminate bad odor and prevent feminine discomfort due to dryness. It is manufactured by a trusted brand and is gynecologist-recommended as well.

The gel comes with a pre-filled applicator and is convenient for usage. The ingredients used in the gel are research-backed and don’t cause any side effects. RepHresh gels are available only through the official website and Amazon and it is cost-effective. Still, individual results can vary from using this gel. Also, there can be mild side effects in the initial stages of use.

RepHresh vaginal formula is not recommended as a cure or treatment for any health conditions. Pregnant and breastfeeding women need to consult their doctor before using this gel. In case of any discomfort, discontinue its usage and consult a doctor immediately.

RepHresh Reviews – Overall Supplement Score

The RepHresh vaginal gel is intended to remove feminine odor and regulate vaginal pH. These gels dissolve easily and are recommended for women who are at least 18 years old.

–Dr. Arie Jansen

Ingredient Quality
User Reports
Manufacturing standards


Considering all the factors discussed, RepHresh is a safe and effective dietary supplement for vaginal health, with the overall score provided below.



Q.  Can women with bacterial vaginosis use RepHresh vaginal gel?

If you have an existing medical condition, consult your doctor before using this gel.

Q. Why is a RepHresh gel better than a vaginal cream?

Using vaginal creams can be a messy affair. But the RepHresh formula comes with a pre-filled applicator and you won’t know any messiness caused by the gel application.

Q. Can I apply RepHresh gel two days in a row?

It is ideal to use the gel once every three days.

Q. What if I am having some irritation after using the gel?

If you experience any discomfort or irritation, discontinue its application and consult your doctor immediately.

Q. Will using RepHresh prevent me from getting pregnant?

No. There are no spermicides or chemicals that act as contraceptives in this gel.

Q. How can I claim a refund?

You can claim a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase through Amazon.


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