Bob Orsini, aka Dad O.

Sad news to report for those who do not know.

Bob Orsini, aka Dad O, who was the Chairman of the Board of American RSDHope, passed away on the morning of July 15th, 2004.

He was the heart and soul of our group and his presence will be missed greatly. Everyone who knew him remember him as always smiling and he set an example of being a great man that all of his sons have tried to live up to. We feel blessed to have had him as a father and a friend. I am sure he is in heaven telling anyone who will listen some horribly dry joke right now, that only he is laughing at, except maybe Karen and she is only doing it because she loves him 😉

We at American RSDHope dedicate all of our future work to Dad O.

Peace, Keith

PS: Every year that passes we miss him even more but still feel him right beside us, hear his bad jokes, and see his ever present smile.


“Dad O”, in Page, AZ, shortly before I started my first in-patient ketamine treatment procedure in 2003. A seminal moment in my life and I got to share it with my best friend, my dad. An amazing man whose shoes none of us can ever hope to fill. we love you and miss you dad.