Caregiver Resources

Access to Wellness 
Access2wellness is the single entry point into one of the broadest selections of assistance programs available to help uninsured and underinsured people who qualify, access prescription medications for free or at a discount. These programs provide more than 1,000 medications. 

A Place For Mom 
Connecting Moms, Dads, and Families to Senior Care. 

Benefits Check-up 
Designed by the National Council on Aging, this Website enables you to complete a questionnaire to find federal, state, and local programs that you might be eligible for and how to apply.

Care Central 
Provide Family and Friends with a private central hub to keep in touch, stay informed, and share support during important events in your life. 

Caregiver Relief Fund 
The Caregiver Relief Fund is a social venture committed to caring for caregivers. We provide resources, assistance and a voice to over 50 million Americans who are currently caregivers to the chronically ill, aged and disabled.

Cite Health 
CiteHealth is a health care ratings website for consumers to evaluate their health care providers quality in an effort to enable them to make informed decisions about medical care they may be receiving. They accomplish this by providing free reports on health care providers and communities and also by providing a vehicle for patients to convey their experiences and questions to one another.

Dept. of Veteran Affairs 
The Department of Veterans Affairs’ goal is to provide high-quality, prompt, and seamless service to veterans. The department strives for excellence in patient care and customer satisfaction and is committed to being an advocate for our nation’s veterans, helping them get the benefits they have earned and so rightly deserve. is a comprehensive online resource designed to provide people with disabilities access to the information they need quickly and easily. The site contains links to disability-related programs and services from many different government agencies.’s subject areas include benefits, civil rights, community life, education, employment, health, housing, technology and transportation.

Elder Law Answers 
The combination of an informed consumer and a qualified attorney produces the best legal results for the clients. ElderLawAnswers supports seniors, their families and their attorneys in achieving their goals.

eXtension Family Caregiving
eXtension Family Caregiving is brought to you by University Extension professionals throughout the United States. The site helps family caregivers and professionals answer questions or concerns, by offering answers to frequently asked questions, articles on caregiving topics, and learning opportunities through online learning activities and state-specific family caregiver demographic fact sheets. The site connects family caregiver to the state or local Extension office to access state or community specific family caregiver.

Family Caregiver Alliance 
FCA is a public voice for Caregivers. Their pioneering programs – Information, education, support, research, and advocacy , support and sustain the important work of families nationwide caring for loved ones with chronic, disabling health conditions.  

The “Me You Don’t Know” Book 
A Gift of Knowledge for My Future Caregivers, by Dee Marrella is the caregiving reference guide that gives your future caregivers a unique profile of you and your caregiving wants and desires or, as Dee refers to it, “love insurance.” Each of us one day will be the recipient of caregiving. In most cases, this will occur in our later years, but circumstances beyond our control can occur in an instant. Only you can insure that your family is well prepared in the event they need to be your caregivers. Wow, check this out everyone! 

National Alliance for Caregiving 
The National Alliance for Caregiving is dedicated to being the foremost national resource on family caregiving to improve the quality of life for families and care recipients. Great resource site!

National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA)  
National Family Caregivers Association educates, supports, and advocates for the more than 50 million Americans who care for loved ones with a chronic illness, disability, or frailty. NFCA reaches across the boundaries of diagnoses, relationships, and life stages to address the common needs and concerns of all family caregivers.

Parent Care 
Parent Care provides information for both local and remote caregivers to let you quickly locate and evaluate services to assist your parents. Because many assist from afar, they include features that make long distance caregiving less daunting; national and state information to complement our detailed reports on your parents’ county; hometown news and local Better Business Bureau links to check backgrounds of those entrusted to care for our folks. Whether your needs focus on home care, financial, health problems or planning ahead to enhance your folks’ safety; you’ll find it on Parent Care. 

Senior Caregiver Toolkit 
All kinds of help in a convenient toolkit format; Caregiving, Planning, Finances, and more. 
Be sure to check out their Caregiver Bill of Rights!

Also, connected to them is A Place For Mom ! 

Today’s Caregiver 
Today’s Caregiver magazine includes up-to-the-minute advice and interviews with celebrity caregivers such as Dana Reeve, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and Debbie Reynolds; information on includes topic-specific channels, free weekly email newsletters, and chat rooms.

Well Spouse Association
No two people are living in the same situation and no two illnesses exact the same toll but ALL well spouses face the same problems of anger, guilt, fear, isolation, grief, and financial threat. Here is a place of support for THEM!