CRPS Awareness & Diagnosis Video – March 2014

We have two brand new CRPS Videos for you to view and share with all of the CRPS Patients, loved ones, and physicians that you know. Send the link to your support groups, listserves, Facebook groups, websites, local media, any and everywhere you feel people need to learn more about our disease.

What Is The Video About?
In the video you have some of the leaders in the CRPS Community talking about the importance of early diagnosis and the need for increased awareness of CRPS, and all patients shown battle the disease themselves. They discuss the impact the disease has had in their lives as well as what they believe physicians need to do today to correctly diagnose a patient. Not only do the patients offer advice on what physicians need to be doing in that first clinical visit but two of the leading CRPS physicians discuss the disease and what Drs need to do to recognize it.

Today, validated diagnostic criteria are available that allow ANY physician to diagnose CRPS in any clinic in a brief visit. Please read that again. Why? Because that was not possible as little as a few years ago and as little as ten years ago CRPS patients saw an average of eight to ten physicians before being correctly diagnosed.

So much has changed in our community thanks to the concerted and coordinated efforts of many physicians, volunteers, and people behind the scenes who have worked tirelessly to make a difference. It worked. We have a long way to go but we have truly come so very far.

Who Is In The Video?
The videos feature;
– Mary Beth, CRPS patient, and Hank Ludington, her supportive husband, and the new co-presidents of the RSDSA.
– Keith Orsini, one of the founders and Directors of American RSDHopeCRPS patient, full body (since 1974).
– Doctor Philip Getson, Primary Care Physician and Ass’t Professor of Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine
– Doctor Norman Harden, Director of Pain Studies, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Professor Northwestern University, and
– Kaitlyn Pintor, CRPS Community Leader and CRPS patient.

There are two versions of this video available below. They are basically the same video. The only difference between the two videos is about two minutes 😉

Watch them both but when you share these with your families, friends, and physicians, PLEASE SHARE  this link ––diagnosis-video—march-2014.html    that way they will be brought to this page and will be given an explanation of the video and the people involved. If you would prefer to simply COPY a page link. You can copy this;  CRPS Awareness & Diagnosis Video – March 2014    but after you copy and paste it into your browser please make sure it works. If it doesn’t you may need to just type in the entire http:www. address above.

Either way, let’s spread the word on this so we can help others understand this disease. Save the link to your FAVORITES or BOOKMARKS folder, or add it to your READING list if you have a smartphone or something similar so you will be able to call it up quickly when you visit a new Doctor, physical therapist, hospital, counselor, etc. or when you visit your relatives for the holidays, or the next time you have a support group meeting you can bring along your tablet or I-Pad, share it with your class at school for your next science project, or a hundred other uses you can think of. We made this so it could be used to spread the word on CRPS! Make use of it everyone. If you use it, take a picture of you sharing the video and we will post some the most interesting shots right here!


Longer version (V2 – 7 min)

Short version (V1 – 5 min)

The videos were filmed in February up in Philadelphia. The RSDSA and American RSDHope sponsored a get-together for a couple of days to work on matters related to the CRPS Community and on the last day they made this film. The two national non-profit organizations continue to forge a strong relationship for the betterment of the community as a whole.

We would like to extend our thanks to Jim Broatch of the RSDSA, Med-IQ and Grunethal USA, Inc. for the help in getting this video done. We would also like to thank everyone behind the scenes, from Meghan, who did a wonderful job of interviewing us, to the amazing camera crew and sound techs, and lastly to our make-up duo who tried their best to make us look gorgeous! Thanks one and all!

Peace, Keith Orsini
American RSDHope

If you want to read Keith’s whole story, drop by this page!