CRPS Awareness Events and Fundraisers

This page is for UPCOMING CRPS Awareness Events!  If you are looking for information on past events, CLICK HERE!

We don’t post most of the fundraisers people hold around the country for us; for two reasons.
1) There isn’t enough room.
2) Most people don’t hold a fundraiser for the purpose of seeing their name on the website, they do it for the purpose of raising awareness and enabling us to raise awareness on a national level.
​3) Many of the people who raise funds for American RSDHope do it anonymously. They simply hold their fundraiser and then send us the funds. It is an amazing and beautiful thing to behold. Suddenly you open the mail and see that check for $2,000 from either a friend or a total stranger, sometimes with a short note saying “Keep up the good work!”, and sometimes no note at all!

Friends of American RSDHope are simply amazing!