Dear families and friends:

As a parent of someone with CRPS/RSDS I know how you suffer along with your loved one. Just remember, it is okay to hate the disease as long as you love the one who suffers from it. They need your love and support now more than ever. They will have days when they can’t tolerate touching; touch them with words. Don’t let them focus on what they can’t do, help them to focus on what they can do.

As Doctor Ronald Snyder once said, “We have to take the bad and make it better, take the good and make it the best it can be.” Patients can’t do this alone. They need all the love, support, and encouragement you can give them. Always be there for them in every way you can, just as we are here for you, to talk to, write to or even complain to. We are all in this together. Let’s continue to move forward. One day we will find a cure.

Lynne Orsini (Mom O),
Executive Director
American RSDHope

Here is Lynne Orsini and the special Humanitarian of the Year Award presented to herself and Dad O (Bob Orsini) at the 2004 National RSD/Chronic Pain Conference. Keith Orsini was a co-recipient.