HBOT Patient Videos

Doctor Allan Spiegel discusses, via video and other information on this webpage, how HBOT works, how his clinic operates, and how patients are helped by HBOT. It is a fascinating process especially if you know nothing or next to nothing about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Dr. Spiegel is recognized as one of the leading experts on this type of therapy and has written articles and given lectures on it around the country. He has a way of explaining it that makes it easy to understand.
Drop in and check it out Dr Spiegel here! Also, check out this video;How Does HBOT Work? This is a video done by the Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic of Santa Monica that explains the basics of HBOT, what it is and how it works.


On the right-hand side of the page you will see links for some patient success stories. These are videos of some of Dr Spiegel’s past patients who have been helped by this treatment. They videotape some of the patients who have been through the treatment so they can share their experiences with future patients. Not all patients like to be on tape ;-D

There are videos of CRPS (RSD) Patients, Stroke Patients, Parkinson’s Patients, and others, all reporting success through the use of HBOT.

HBOT Patient Success Stories Link 

Note – You have to click VIDEO next to each person’s picture to start his video and then you can enlarge the video to watch it full-screen if you like.