MEDICARE LINKS – Plans, Costs, and other information

The Official Government Site For Medicare – Drug Coverage Part D – This part of the governments website discusses Medicare Part D; how to get drug coverage, what drug plans cover, what plans cost, when can you join, how Medicare Part D works with other coverage, and much more.

Medicare Plan Finder – This site helps you find Medicare plans in your area. You just type in your zip code and it will bring up all the available plans. You can get cost estimates and even coverage information. If you wish to do a more personalized search, you can enter in your Medicare number, effective date, etc. It is the official US Government Medicare site.


Medicare Costs – Link to the Government’s Medicare site that helps explain the various costs associated with Medicare; Part A, B, even D. It also discusses ways to get help paying for your Medicare costs and explains how, when, and how much can be taken out of your Medicare checks for medicare costs.

Medi-GAP Policies – Want to learn what a Medi-Gap or Medicare Supplement, Policy is? This site lists the 8 things you should know about a Medi-Gap policy.

Compare Medi-Gap Policies – Sites name says it all, click on the site link and you will see the Medi-Gap plans compared side by side.

Medicare’s Help and Resource’s Page – Lots of information and resources here. Everything from a link to compare Drs, Hospitals, and Suppliers; to getting help to pay for Medicare costs, and Forms, Publications, and Mail from Medicare. You can also get lost Medicare cards, file a report, report fraud/abuse, identity theft, and the often used FAQ section.