Traveling with Pain – Things You Should Know

In this section you will find links to articles/websites dealing with the subject of traveling for people dealing with Chronic Pain. it presents its own set of challenges; hotels, airplanes, medications, food, sleep, wheelchairs, and more.

Pain Management Tips for Traveling – Great article with some valuable tips!

By Dennis Thompson Jr.
Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH

The thought of travel can be daunting for someone living with chronic pain. Images of long waits in line, cramped and uncomfortable seating in cars or planes, and the sheer exhaustion of it all could lead a chronic pain patient to throw up his or her hands and become a virtual hermit.

There’s no reason for that, though. Just because you need to manage pain doesn’t mean you can’t travel for pleasure or business or to see family and friends. You just need to plan a little more than the average person. These tips will help make travel enjoyable again for people who must manage pain.

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Book Review: The Imperfect Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Pain 

Traveling with disabilities – this is a subject near and dear to my heart. As a global traveler with disabilities, I am always looking for ways to make my journeys less difficult – and, as always, connect with like-minded travelers. Here on Wandering Educators, we’ve shared Candy Harrington’s Barrier-Free Travel – it’s a great guide for traveling with disabilities.  With burgeoning interest on the internet, there’s always new sources for great information.

To that end, I’m truly excited to share a new book (released this week!) about traveling with pain – The Imperfect Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Pain, by Liz Hamill.  Liz has a fantastic website, called Travels with Pain – helping travelers with hidden disabilities explore the world. It’s my go-to place for inspiration, research, community, understanding.  She GETS IT.

5 Tips for Flying Back Pain Free – Spine Health Website  – Five good tips for those with back pain!

On the Road Again, Traveling with Chronic Illness – These are some tips from the Chronic Curve website; Chronic Curve serves to help others live the best possible life they can with a debilitating disease by sharing resources to help others find their voice and become an empowered patient advocate. Very good article.