Treating RSD With HBOT

Easing the Symptoms of RSD with Hyperbaric Oxygen TherapyDoctor Allan Spiegel
Friday, October 7, 2011Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), is a chronic pain disorder that currently has no cure.  In addition to severe pain, those with the neurological disorder can experience abnormal sweating, swelling in tissues, discoloration of skin, muscle atrophy and sensitivity to light and touch.  The most common method for helping RSD patients manage the pain is through medication.  The cycle of pain management offers some sufferers relief, while others struggle to find a way to cope with the daily effects of living with pain.Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has offered many RSD sufferers an alternative or supplement to their current medicated pain management regiments.  I have been a practicing neurologist for over 20 years and discovered HBOT when I was researching therapies to help a family member who had suffered a stroke.  I saw the benefits HBOT can provide firsthand and am passionate about the healing potential of this type of therapy.  We have been providing HBOT to RSD patients in our Palm Harbor, FL clinic for the past 8 years.  Some patients notice an easing of symptoms within just a few sessions of HBOT.

What Does HBOT Offer the RSD Patient?
It can offer a pain reduction cycle that does not require narcotics or needles.  It is safe, cost-effective and painless. During HBOT sessions, patients breathe 100% oxygen at a higher than normal air pressure.  This increased level of oxygen circulates through the bloodstream and helps decrease swelling and encourages healing.  Patients experience an increase in muscle tone and notice that they are able to sleep more restfully, feel less depressed, think more clearly and are able to establish more regular routines in their daily lives.

How Do You Know If HBOT is Right for You? 

I encourage you to read more about the positive results HBOT has offered many RSD patients.  Take a look at the case studiesmedical research information and articles about HBOT for RSD we have provided on our site.

If you suffer from RSD or CRPS and want to learn more about how HBOT may help ease your symptoms, please contact us for a hyperbaric oxygen therapy consultation.  We will provide a free assessment to determine if you would benefit from this treatment.  Schedule your appointment today online or by calling 727-487-1052.


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