Treatments For CRPS – Other

There are other Treatments for CRPS that have come and gone over the years that we don’t list on our website, some that were once thought to be “The Answer”, such as cutting (sometimes known as surgical sympathectomy), freezing the nerves,or burning the nerve or even amputation, that ended up being shown to cause more problems for the patient than pain relief. Some of these even resulted in the spread and/or worsening of the disease. You can use our SEARCH boxes on our website to find information or a brief description on many of these.

There are other treatments that are in use today by physicians that are accepted by some in the CRPS community but not a majority because their results, either long or short-term, simply have not shown enough positive results or much more study is needed. Maybe down the road there will be more analysis involving more CRPS patients with higher long-term success rates. For now, it remains a very difficult disease to treat.

These include;

SCS or Spinal Column Stimulators 
Brain stimulation
Calmare Therapy