Video Father Talks To His Son About CRPS


Jim Moret, a Chief Correspondent for Inside Edition, reported in December of 2013 on what is known as the most painful of all forms of chronic pain; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, aka CRPS. Jim knows this disease all too well. His son Matthew has suffered from it for the last five years.

In this video piece Jim shows what life is like not only for his son but also for another CRPS patient, Alexandra. But one thing both of these patients show is a trait I have learned is shared by every CRPS patient I have come across in the last twenty plus years; courage. No matter how difficult the days and weeks get, and they get pretty bad sometimes, these patients are determined to keep moving forward because they are determined things will get better. They will do whatever it takes to make them better and having survived this disease for forty years myself let me tell you, that attitude is exactly what will get you through it. That, and a whole lot of faith and family!


Jim followed up his report on Inside Edition with a blog post on the
Huffington Post ;

Chronic Pain – A Blanket of Darkness – By Jim Moret – Huffington Post 1-29-2014

The darkness has returned. That’s what I call our 16-year-old son Matthew’s chronic searing pain. His condition is known as complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS. Most patients call it craps, because that’s the perfect word to describe it. In simple terms, it is an endless pain loop caused by the misfiring of nerve endings which send constant pain impulses to the brain.

Most patients experience the sensation in one or more limbs. In Matthew’s case, he likens the experience to dipping his left foot in acid and having the skin burned off, layer by layer. Matthew has endured this agony for the past five years.

So begins Jim’s latest update of his son’s five year battle with the horrific disease we all know as partner, second nature, other spouse, second-self, alter-ego, other-side; CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

You can read the rest of Matthew and Jim’s story by clicking on the link above. It is a story far too many of us are familiar with but is well written by a veteran reporter. It shows that even someone who has seen pretty much every side of violence this world has to offer never dreamed of something more terrible than any parents worst nightmare; feeling helpless while your child is in agony.

If you visit the article on the Huffington Post website and if you check out the video on Inside Edition’s website, please be sure to not only leave a comment on their pages but also be sure to mention our website, , so that if there are any newbies out there, newly diagnosed with our disease, they will know there is a place to go for information, know they aren’t alone, where they can learn about their disease, and save themselves many years of agony and loneliness 😉

Thank you everyone, thank you Jim, and thank you Matthew our two newest CRPS warriors!

Peace, Keith Orsini
American RSDHope
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