ProstaBiome Experience: I Tried It For 30 Days– Do These Natural Prostate Drops Really Work?

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What will be your life without getting up constantly in the middle of the night to pee? Have you imagined a life without the shame and embarrassment associated with an enlarged prostate? I know these questions can be difficult to answer if you are suffering from prostate issues for a long time. Believe me, when I say I understand you, as I was also going through the same situation some months ago. It was then that one of my friends mentioned to me about ProstaBiome.

Being a medical reviewer by profession, I decided to examine the formula extensively and tried it on myself for some time. It has been receiving much hype in the market as a natural prostate health supplement. I have compiled and presented all the formula details to this ProstaBiome review.

ProstaBiome Reviews: The Solution To Incontinence & BPH

For those who are enthusiastic about learning everything concerning ProstaBiome supplement, this review will be your ultimate resource. You will find everything from an overview, ingredients, and working mechanism to manufacturing standards, side effects, and expert opinions on the formula.

So dive into the ProstaBiome review and find out everything you need to know about the supplement!

ProstaBiome Review
Product NameProstaBiome
PurposeSupport Prostate health
FormChewable tablet
Tablet/Bottle30 tablets
IngredientsCinnamon Bark Powder, Saw Palmetto Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Kelp Extract, ViNitrox ™, Lactobacillus acidophilus, etc.
Usage1 capsule daily
Customer BaseOver 21,700+ satisfied customers
Safety▪️ Safe for men of all ages
▪️ No notable side effects reported
▪️ Produced in an FDA-approved facility adhering to strict standards
Guarantee60-day money-back guarantee
Purchase OptionsAvailable in single bottles or bulk packages
Price$59 for one bottle
BonusesFree digital downloads: “The Strength Of T” and “The Power Of Performance” for bulk orders
TestimonialsPositive testimonials from users, claiming improvements in sleep, urinary flow, and libido
Order ProcessOrders can be placed through the ProstaBiome official website, with secure checkout and various payment options available
To PurchaseClick Here

ProstaBiome: A Quick Overview

As my investigation into the Prostabiome formula started, I realized that it is a prostate health supplement designed to support healthy prostate functions. It is ideal for men above 18 years old and can relieve them from uncomfortable symptoms of prostate issues such as an imbalanced urinary cycle, disruption in sleep, reduced urine flow, etc. I further found that ProstaBiome works based on current research into this field and addresses the root cause of prostate issues, which is connected with your gut microbiome.

The supplement is made using a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria and plant-based ingredients that can eliminate prostate parasites and balance your gut microbiome. All the Prostabiome ingredients were found to be safe from toxins and contaminants and they were tested to be 100% non-GMO. It can be consumed as chewable tablets and each bottle contains 30 tablets for a month. 

I also found that there are no stimulants and habit-forming ingredients included in the formulation. ProstaBiome prostate health formula is manufactured in the United States in state-of-art facilities that comply with FDA and GMP regulations. I learned that the current availability of the formula is limited to the official website and the manufacturers offer a 60-day money-back guarantee with each purchase. 

How Does ProstaBiome Work?

So as the next part of the investigation, the question, “How does it work” popped up in my mind. Based on my research, I have found that ProstaBiome male health formula works by addressing the root cause of a swollen prostate and a constant urge to urinate. As per this, the overgrowth of prostate parasites is the major reason behind your prostate issues, and wondering how these parasites enter your body.

Recent studies have shown that your gut microbiome has a major role in prostate issues. They reveal that certain ‘gut bugs ’ can fuel the growth of prostate cancer and these prostate parasites chew up your gut lining and enter the prostate to cause the issues. I found that ProstaBiome pills combine a set of natural ingredients that can treat this underlying gut issue and balance the gut microbiome to prevent prostate issues.

A synergistic working of Prostabiome ingredients like saw palmetto, various other probiotic bacteria, cinnamon bark, etc can regulate the gut microbiome and thereby prevent the prostate parasitic attack.

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Pros & Cons Of ProstaBiome

I believe that without considering both negatives and positives, a proper evaluation of a dietary supplement won’t be complete. So I examined some of the pros and cons of ProstaBiome prsotate support supplement and found that compared to the cons, it has more positives. You can find what kind of positives and negatives the supplement has in this section.


  • Made with probiotics and plant extracts
  • 500 million CFU of beneficial bacteria.
  • All ingredients are non-GMO, stimulant-free, and non-habit-causing.
  • Easy-to-chew tablets form.
  • No reports of Prostabiome side effects
  • Manufactured inside the United States.
  • FDA and GMP accredited facilities.
  • Tested free from toxins and contaminants.


ProstaBiome Ingredients And Their Benefits

I have examined what kind of ingredients are used in ProstaBiome formulation and found them to be safe and satisfactory. The supplement is made with a blend of probiotics and plant-based ingredients.

In this section of the ProstaBiome review, I will help you understand the various properties of these ingredients and how they work together for better prostate function. 

ProstaBiome Ingredients

Cinnamon Bark Powder

Cinnamon is usually used to treat infections caused by parasites and bacteria. According to a study published by NIH, the dried inner bark of cinnamon was found to suppress testosterone-induced Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Certain active compounds in cinnamon bark such as procyanidin B2 and cinnamaldehyde have been shown to prevent the early onset of prostate cancer. 

Saw Palmetto Extract

Traditionally used to treat urinary and reproductive issues, this Prostabiome ingredient is also beneficial in regulating prostate imbalance. Research published in the American Family Physician Journal explained that this plant can treat various prostate disorders. It has also been associated with relieving urinary discomfort related to prostate issues.

Grape Seed Extract

Abundant with antioxidants, grape seed extract is used for multiple health benefits. As per a study published in the International Journal of Cancer, grape seed extract can inhibit advanced human prostate tumor growth. It is also found to be effective in treating diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Kelp Extract

Kelp is a kind of seaweed that is full of iodine. A specific compound in kelp called fucoidan has been shown to prevent prostate cancer. Known as a natural detoxifier, kelp extract can keep your body free from toxins and help keep a steady urine flow.

ViNitrox ™

A synergistic combination of apple and grape polyphenols, ViNitrox ™ improves nitric oxide levels in your body and enhances muscle performance. Studies have shown that a 74% decrease in oxidative stress is found to be associated with this formula intake.

Lactobacillus acidophilus

This is a probiotic strain of bacteria that is found inside your intestines. It has proven beneficial in balancing your gut microbiome and as well as supporting your prostate health. 

Other than these, ProstaBiome capsule also contains, L.fermentum, L.gasseri, L.rhamnosus, L.plantarum, Bifidobacterium longum, Bi. lactis, Bi. breve, etc. Currently, due to high expenditure, there might not be clinical studies available for these ingredients. But if you insist on seeing any such studies, you can write in the comments. 

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How To Use ProstaBiome?

As mentioned earlier, ProstaBiome urinaryhealth support supplement can be consumed as chewable tablets and each bottle contains 30 such tablets suggested for a month’s intake. I took one tablet every morning with 8 oz of water. The manufacturers also suggest taking the tablets with coffee, tea, or natural juices.

ProstaBiome Supplement Facts

I consumed the Prostabiome tablets regularly for 2-3 months and started having positive results. Along with supplement intake, I tried to follow a healthy diet and mild exercises such as Yoga, and that amplified the benefits for me. Refrain from consuming foods that might negatively impact your prostate health. I suggest you follow the same pattern and adhere to a healthy lifestyle to add to the benefits.

Claims VS Facts Of ProstaBiome

To find more evidence of its credibility, I have checked some of the claims made by the Prostabiome manufacturers and examined whether they are fact-based or not. You will find these claims vs facts in this section and this will help you make a more reasonable decision.

Claim 1: The root cause of prostate issues is gut bacteria

Fact: This is the underlying thesis on which the whole formula works. According to the manufacturers of ProstaBiome, the changes in gut microbiome can lead to prostate issues. I have examined this claim and have found multiple studies backing up this claim.  Research published by NIH has clearly explained the concept of the gut-prostate axis and you can find the relevant study online. 

Claim 2: ProstaBiome supplement prevents the onset of prostate cancer

Fact: On a first look, such a claim can be perceived as a bit exaggerated. However, on further examination, I found that certain Prostabiome ingredients have properties that prevent early growth of prostate cancer. For example, ingredients like grape seed extract have research-proven ability to prevent the onset of prostate tumors and you can find the relevant study published in the International Journal of Cancer.

Claim 3: Consuming ProstaBiome pills regulate urine flow

Fact: One of the major issues faced by men who have prostate issues is irregular urine flow. On examining further, I found that ingredients in the Prostabiome capsule like saw palmetto can decrease symptoms of BPH and support a healthy urinary flow.

ProstaBiome Manufacturer & Credibility

I checked the manufacturing standards of ProstaBiome men’s health formula and found it to be satisfactory. The supplement is made by a trustworthy manufacturer and is promoted by reliable online retailers such as BuyGoods. Being a global e-commerce marketplace, BuyGoods has a notable position in the affiliate marketing industry and this shows the reputable nature of ProstaBiome selling.

Another aspect to be considered here as a dietary supplement, it can’t be approved by the FDA. However, I found that the Prostabiome prostate support formula is manufactured inside facilities that comply with the highest standards of safety and quality envisioned by FDA and GMP regulations. This shows the transparent nature of the manufacturing process. 

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Popular Alternatives Of ProstaBiome

In this section, I will be comparing ProstaBiome with two other similar supplements, FlowForce Max and Prostadine. Both these formulas are natural and safe for human consumption. You can find more details on them in the comparison table below.

SupplementProstaBiomeProstadineFlowForce Max
EffectivenessEffective, research-backed and fastEffectiveEffective
Chance of side effectsNoneNoneNone
Manufacturing StandardsFDA and GMP accredited.FDA and GMP accredited.FDA and GMP accredited.

ProstaBiome Side Effects & Interaction

Based on my personal experience and testing numerous other customer testimonials, I found that there has no major Prostabiome side effects reported anywhere. In the first few weeks, I experienced a mild case of dizziness but gradually it diminished. I couldn’t find any other claims of having side effects from the formula anywhere online. 

But as a medical expert, I would like to give you some advice to follow before the supplement intake. Try to take the Prostabiome tablets with lukewarm water as it will help your body to absorb the nutrients better. Also, it is better to not take alcohol one hour before or after the supplement intake. 

Being a natural health supplement, there can’t be any interactions possible with ProstaBiome and other medications. Still, individual discretion is mandatory and be careful not to mix the supplement with alcohol. So in case if you are already under any medications or treatment for any specific medical condition, seek your doctor’s advice before starting the supplement. 

ProstaBiome Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Being curious to know about the ProstaBiome customer reviews and testimonials online, I checked thousands of reviews and found most of them supporting the supplement. I found that most of the customers were having some kind of prostate issues and after taking these tablets they could find relief.

Some men range from the age group of 18 to 80 and have claimed to have regular urinary cycles and better sleep after taking the formula. So I am sharing with you some of these Prostabiome customer testimonials.

ProstaBiome Bottle

“ I had to constantly wake up in the middle of the night for a pee. This disturbed my sleep and I often woke up so tired in the mornings. I knew the issue was with the prostate but didn’t know what to do about it. My doctor suggested ProstaBiome to me and within one month, I could see the difference. No more waking up in the night to pee! I now sleep peacefully!”Robert, 54

“ After struggling with prostate issues for a long time, my doctors suggested I have surgery. I was really worried and my friend asked me to give ProstaBiome capsule a try. It was unbelievable! My symptoms got relieved and now I rarely feel the issues with my prostate! Thanks, ProstaBiome” Ken, 45

“I had irregular urination that disrupted my sleep. I had taken many medications and treatments, but all of them were of no use. My wife showed me the advertisement for ProstaBiome supplement and I thought to give it a try. It was remarkable! I could notice the differences within two weeks! Thanks, ProstaBiome!”Mathew, 67

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Expert Opinion On ProstaBiome

Before finalizing the points, let me give you some expert opinions based on my professional experience as a medical reviewer. After going through every single detail about ProstaBiome formula, I can recommend this supplement to you as it has genuine and worthy qualities. But this doesn’t mean that you can take them without employing any individual discretion.

Make sure you are following a healthy lifestyle along with the supplement intake as it can complement the benefits. In case you want to consume alcohol, do not take it one hour before or after the Prostabiome intake. Now if you are already under any medications or treatments, I strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before starting this supplement.

Even though ProstaBiome is a natural formula, it is ideal to show a bottle to your doctor before taking it with other drugs and supplements.

Where To Purchase ProstaBiome? Price List Examined!

When I first heard about ProstaBiome prostate health supplement, I checked where to find it. Being a proprietary supplement, the manufacturers have strictly limited their purchases to the official website. There are many fake supplements available in the market and you might come across them in search of ProstaBiome. So it is crucial to purchase the formula through trusted platforms such as BuyGoods, which is the official retailer of this supplement. 

The ProstaBiome price list is as follows:

  • 1 bottle – $59 bottle
  • 3 bottles – $49 per bottle
  • 6 bottles – $39 per bottle

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Does ProstaBiome Offer A Return Policy?

One of the things that added to my trust in ProstaBiome dietary formula was their 100% money-back guarantee policy. As per this, if you are not satisfied with the supplement quality, you can claim a full refund back without any hassles.

You are even allowed to send the used or empty ProstaBiome bottles to the manufacturer. Do this within two months of purchasing the supplement and for any further queries contact the customer service team.

ProstaBiome Bonuses 

I learned that with every 3 and 6 bottles of ProstaBiome male health formula, two free bonuses are given.

ProstaBiome Bonuses 
  • Bonus#1: The Strength of T

On going through the details of this bonus, I found that this is a digital bonus that details enhancing your testosterone level for optimum prostate function. The methods prescribed here are simple and easy to apply. 

  • Bonus#2: The Power of Performance

Similar to the first Prostabiome bonus, this is also a digital download that you can easily download to any of your devices. It helps you with some natural tips and tricks to improve your performance.

Conclusion: ProstaBiome Reviews

Let me recap the key details I discussed in this Prostabiome review. It is a natural nutritional supplement that supports healthy prostate function in men. Based on research and the Prostabiome customer reviews, it can be stated as a genuine formulation. It is made with a proprietary blend of probiotics and plant extracts that work at the core of the issue. It is made inside the United States in facilities accredited by FDA and GMP standards.

Even though the supplement is an ideal recommendation for treating prostate issues, it shouldn’t be taken as a cure for any disease. ProstaBiome tablet should be used with discretion, especially by pregnant, breastfeeding, and people who have medical issues. In case of any unexpected medical issues, contact your doctor immediately. 

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ProstaBiome Reviews – Overall Supplement Score

ProstaBiome is a natural supplement specifically formulated to support prostate health by balancing gut bacteria and eliminating prostate parasites, thus reducing inflammation and improving urinary function. With a 60-day money-back guarantee and over 21,000+ satisfied customers, ProstaBiome supplement offers a safe and effective solution for men looking to enhance their prostate health and overall well-being​

–Ellen Gilbert

Ingredient Quality
Price Value
Favorable Testimonials
Production Standards


Based on the all the above-explained factors and details, ProstaBiome seems to be an effective option for improving prostate health in men. Here is my overall score for the supplement:



Q. My grandfather has been diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Can he be given ProstaBiome?

It is a natural supplement that supports prostate health and function. Still, for people with an existing medical condition, a doctor’s guidance is necessary.

Q. Do I need to make any lifestyle changes while taking Prostabiome tablets?

There is no strict rule as to follow any lifestyle changes. But still having a healthy lifestyle combined with a good diet and mild workouts can be beneficial for you.

Q. Can I operate heavy machinery or drive vehicles after taking ProstaBiome dietary capsules?

Yes. There are no substances in the formula that cause dizziness or stimulation. So you can drive vehicles or operate machinery even after its intake.

Q. When can I see the Prostabiome results?

This can depend on individual factors. Still, most customers report having benefited from the first month itself. 

Q. Is my purchasing information secure in the Prostabiome official website?

Yes. Your purchasing details are secured through the BuyGoods official purchasing platform. 


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