Citruna Fat Burner Exposed: My Brutally Honest Review After 30 Days

By Karen Smit

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In a recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, it has been found that more than 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women are overweight. Health experts view this as a direct consequence of new-age lifestyles. As a result, a large percentage of the population faces the risks of chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes.

It is good to see that many people today use health supplements as an aid to prevent diseases. The experts also endorse this trend as there are some beneficial supplements out there in the markets that can be of aid. However, the problem is that a large number of counterfeit products are being sold under the garb of organic products which may have detrimental health effects.

As a medical reviewer with many years of experience, I have been acquainted with the nitty-gritty involved in identifying potentially beneficial supplements. The question is whether we can count Citruna among them.

For this purpose, I have been evaluating this supplement for a few months and found some promising aspects. However, more needs to be done such as taking the user responses into account before getting to conclusions. This Citruna review is drafted on the basis of that.

Citruna Reviews: Is It A Natural Solution For Healthy Weight Loss?

In my analysis, the supplement does not carry any harmful ingredients that can lead to bad consequences. They are clinically tested to provide better results. In this Citruna review, you will find its many unexplored facets which will help you in forming a logical conclusion. Keep on reading.

Citruna Review
Main PurposePromotes weight management
BrandOptimal Health
Manufacturing LocationMade in the USA
IngredientsLemon Peel Flavanoids
Lemon Juice Extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Arabica Bean Extract
BenefitsPromoting weight reduction
Sustaining energy
Managing hunger
Improving digestive health
DosageTwo capsules daily
Ideal Time To TakeEarly morning on an empty stomach
Manufacturing QualityFDA-registered and GMP-certified facility
Side EffectsNo major side effects
Guarantee60-day money-back guarantee
Price $59 for 1 bottle
Bonuses2 e-guide bonuses with multi-bottle orders
AvailabilityAvailable on the Citruna official website

A Quick Introduction To Citruna

Citruna is a new-age weight loss supplement that claims to be a natural solution for healthy weight loss. It uses organic and herbal ingredients like lemon peel and green coffee bean extracts. The formula is based on the latest scientific theories that recognize the positive effects of caffeine in providing natural weight loss.

The supplement comes in easy-to-use capsules which can be used by all adults without age differences. It is made in FDA and GMP-approved production houses in the US. Citruna fat burner comes at affordable prices with discounts and also carries a 60-day money-back guarantee.

There have been no reports of Citruna side effects from anywhere to date. This weight loss supplement can be bought from its official website.

How Does Citruna Work?

Citruna weight loss supplement works on the scientific principles of providing natural weight loss. It stimulates calorie burning and improves liver functioning, aiding better metabolism. Besides, the supplement promotes detoxification and eliminates the bad actors causing wear and tear in the digestive system.

For this purpose, consuming Citruna pills stimulates the brown adipose tissue to effectively burn the stubborn fat accumulated around the belly. These toxic fats can jeopardize the normal functioning of the internal organs. Hence, eliminating them is crucial for the health and well-being of the body.

As a measure to accelerate the weight loss drive the addition suppresses appetite naturally and improves metabolic processes. The lemon and green coffee extracts in the Citruna formula have synergistic effects on the whole body and help to retain the body’s normal functions. 

Citruna Ingredients And Their Benefits

The ingredients list of any supplement has to be explored well to gain a better understanding. The Citruna ingredients are sourced from pristine farms around the world. See below for details.

Citruna Ingredients

Lemon Peel Flavonoids

Lemon Peel Flavonoids help to prevent various types of cancer and deter the growth of cancer cells in the stomach. It fights free radicals and reduces inflammation in the body. Lemon Peel Flavonoids also assist in reducing blood pressure and aid metabolism. The National Institutes of Health recognizes Lemon Peel Flavonoids as agents with utility in the treatment of cancer.

Lemon Juice Extract

Lemon Juice Extract helps to reduce the risk of kidney stones and helps to control body weight. It improves digestion and strengthens the immune system. Lemon juice also contains antioxidants like bioflavonoids that fight inflammation. 

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean extracts are very useful in reducing the risk of chronic diseases as they contain chlorogenic acid as reported in the BMC article. It helps to improve blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol in the body. Its presence in the Citruna capsule also improves liver function and promote metabolism.

Arabica Bean Extract

Arabica Bean extract contains less caffeine and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. It also helps to reduce cortisol levels and annihilate the free radicals causing cell destruction. Arabica Bean Extract also is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants and helps the body’s normal functioning.

Pros & Cons Of Citruna

The supplement has pros and cons just like any other dietary aid and it is important to understand them from a neutral perspective. Check out the following list of the Citruna pros and cons.


  • Formulated using natural ingredients
  • It does not contain chemicals or GMOs
  • Easy-to-use dietary supplement
  • Fast delivery options are available
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Available at low cost 


  • Results can vary from person to person
  • Not available on Amazon

How To Use Citruna Capsules?

Citruna dietary supplement comes in capsules that can be easily consumed along with a glass of water. You can take two capsules in the early morning on an empty stomach for benefits.

Citruna Capsules

It has to be used consistently for the whole prescribed period for the maximum results. Keep the bottle in a cabinet away from exposure to direct sunlight.

Does The Claims Of Citruna Make Any Sense?

The makers of this weight loss formula claim a lot of benefits and it is important to understand them. In this section of the Citruna review, I will try to analyze the claims based on the available scientific evidence. Refer to the content below.

Claim: Provides effective weight loss

Fact: Green coffee bean extract, one of the main Citruna ingredients, has been clinically proven to provide better metabolism and sustainable weight loss.

Claim: Improve energy levels

Fact: Lemon Peel Flavonoids contain rich antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and have anti-fatigue properties that can positively affect energy levels.

Claim: Offers Improved digestion

Fact: Lemon Juice extract, another ingredient used in the Citruna weight loss formula, has been acknowledged as an agent that promotes digestion in a medical journal published by the Cleveland Clinic.

Citruna Manufacturer  & Credibility

As mentioned earlier, Citruna fat burner is made using natural ingredients in state-of-the-art production centers which are FDA-approved and certified by the GMP. The manufacturing units are audited at regular intervals to ensure quality standards.

Citruna Supplement Facts

Moreover, the makers of the Citruna supplements partner with credible distributors and this allows them to ensure the supplement’s integrity. 

Citruna And Its Alternatives

Organic supplements are gaining popularity and I have analyzed two other supplements that provide weight loss naturally. Liv Pure and Helix 4 are both novel formulas introduced into the markets recently.

Liv PureHelix 4
IngredientsCamellia Sinensis
Chlorogenic Acid
Lemon Balm
Passion Flower
Pricing$69 /per bottle$59 /per bottle
Money back guarantee60 days365 days
Customer ratings4.54.3
AvailabilityOfficial website onlyOfficial website only

They have been gaining popularity as they are made using natural ingredients and deliver the promises. However, Citruna weight management supplement is ahead in customer ratings due to its ability to offer much more reliable results.

Check The Availability Of LivPure Supplement On The Official Website!!!

Citruna Side Effects & Interaction

In my investigation, I have not found any media reports that accuse this formula of causing any negative health issues. I also had the chance to go through the Citruna reviews of customers published on social media and could not find many criticisms.

Some users report that they have undergone minor issues like nausea and sleepiness after using it. Well, these are temporary problems and will cease once you start using it regularly. Other than that, there are no consumer reports available that mention any case of Citruna side effects.

Citruna Consumer Reports And Testimonials

It is necessary to consider the customer responses for evaluating any supplement as it will provide greater insight into how it works on the ground level. For this purpose, I have included some Citruna customer testimonials. Read through the content.

“Hello, my name is George. I have gained some body weight recently. I was not interested in taking the usual formulas as they contain chemicals. I was particularly in search of a natural supplement. That’s when I heard about Citruna capsules and thought of using it. I am happy with the results and have shed considerable extra pounds in a short time. Thanks a lot”

George Owens, Philadelphia

“I’m an ex-policeman living in Columbus. I noticed that my body weight increased despite my strict exercise regime. A friend of mine introduced me to Citruna. I have been using it for a month now and it feels that my metabolism has improved and I am fitter. Thankyou Citruna”

Micheel Adams, California

“Citruna weight loss supplement has helped my brother decrease his body weight in half. I’m happy for him as he has been struggling with weight issues. That’s when I saw a commercial on TV and bought him one. He started using it along with his daily workouts. The results were unbelievable. I want to thank the makers of Citruna from the bottom of my heart”

Sarah Williams, Florida

Expert Opinion On Citruna

I have been testing Citruna tablets for a month now and found that it does provide health benefits for those using them.  I have investigated extensively the ingredients used in the formula and found them clinically proven to provide benefits.

However, I should warn you that if you are taking any medicines it is better to consult your doctor once before using it. Also, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children below the age should refrain from using the Citruna pills.

Where To Buy Citruna Health Supplement? How Does It Cost?

Citruna bottles can be bought from its official website at a discounted rate. You can visit the website and place an order from anywhere in the world. The digital transactions have been made easy and secure. After placing the order, you can expect to receive it within a few days at your doorstep.

For a better understanding, the pricing list is given below. I recommend visiting the Citruna official website to learn the latest pricing and offers.

1 x bottle $59/per bottle30-day supply
3 x bottles$49/per bottle 90-day supply
6 x bottles$39/per bottle180-day supply

Does Citruna Offer A Return Policy?

The dietary supplement has a 60-day money-back guarantee that I feel is standard for most of the supplements in its class. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can apply for a full refund by contacting the Citruna customer support team.

You can find the contact details on the official site. Representatives will aid you in completing the return. A full refund will be issued once your returned Citruna bottles reach their final destination. 

Citruna Bonus Guides

With every purchase of two or three bottles, you get free bonuses. The Citruna bonuses come in the form of hard copies of popular health publications. The titles of the books are given below for a better understanding.

Citruna Bonuses
  • Free Bonus #1: Citruna Lose Weight Fast!

In this hard copy of Citruna Lose Weight Fast! you will find information on how to shed extra weight with 16 tried and tested methods that can be practiced at your leisure hours.

  • Free Bonus #2: Citruna 21 Day Detox!

In Citruna 21 Day Detox edition, you will find a 21-day meal plan that will help you easily lose your body weight.

Final Words: Citruna Reviews

Citruna is a weight loss supplement that promises to support healthy body weight with the help of the core natural ingredients used inside its formulation. It is developed in FDA and GMP-approved production centers in the US. The supplement is available as dietary capsules that can be taken by all adults without age restrictions. It comes at an affordable rate with discounts and also has a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

I have been analyzing the Citruna weight loss capsule for the past few months and found it to be effective in weight loss. The formula has received a lot of positive feedback from a large number of users based all around the world. There have been no reports of any side effects for it from anywhere to date.

I feel it will help those who suffer from unhealthy body weight and find it difficult to cope with the situation. However, those who suffer from any lifestyle disease and take medication should use it after consulting a healthcare practitioner. I hope you found my Citruna review informative and that it helps you find your answer.

Citruna Reviews: Overall Supplement Score

Citruna is a contemporary weight loss supplement that promotes itself as a natural aid for healthy weight reduction. It contains organic and herbal ingredients, including lemon peel and green coffee bean extracts. This formula is informed by the latest scientific research, which emphasizes the positive role of caffeine in facilitating natural weight loss.

–Karen Smit

Potential Benefits
Customer Base


With a foundation in quality standards, scientific validation, and positive user experiences, Citruna presents a promising blend with weight loss benefits. Here’s my total supplement score :


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there green coffee bean extracts used in the Citruna dietary formula?

Green coffee bean extracts help to burn extra calories and break down fat molecules aiding natural weight loss.

2. Where are the Citruna ingredients sourced?

All the ingredients used in the Citruna fat burner are sourced from sterile farm locations in the US.

3. Can I take Citruna capsules if I use any other medicines or supplements?

It should not be used without the doctor’s consent if you take any medicines or supplements.

4. How long does it take to deliver the package after placing the Citruna order?

Normally, the Citruna package will be delivered within 5-7 business days for those living in the US. For others, it can take up to 10-12 days depending on the local transportation.

5. Can I buy Citruna bottles from Amazon?

It is only available on its official website and you cannot buy it from any other source including Amazon.


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