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As someone who is past my mid-fifties, one of the major concerns I have with aging is cognitive decline. It can affect your ability to work, remember things, and even do basic things like tying a shoelace. But is there a way to preserve my consciousness and my memory for longer? This train of thought led me to the rabbit hole of brain health supplements on the internet. One of the most popular was CogniCare Pro, with an overall user rating of 4.87 stars.

Most CogniCare Pro reviews online were positive, and it is made with plant-based ingredients. Intriguing and interesting indeed. As the name suggests is a cognitive support supplement that is sold as a supplement that you can add to your daily life to improve your overall brain health and cognitive functions.

The touted benefits were promising, and the supplement’s official website explained all the things I needed to know about the supplement. So, I gave CogniCare Pro supplement a try to see if the marketed claims were true about them and this review is based on that. 

CogniCare Pro Reviews: An In-Depth Analysis Based On My Own Experience!

In this CogniCare Pro review, I will try my best to provide you with an unbiased opinion on what I felt while using the supplement and what my results were. Oh shoot, I forgot to explain who I am. I am a health supplement reviewer with years of experience. I have reviewed hundreds of supplements.

While I usually don’t test the supplements on myself, I thought to give the CogniCare Pro capsule an exception, since I am currently dealing with some symptoms of memory loss and whatnot. I have been using this for the past 3 to 4 months and I think you can learn from my experience what to do and what not to do. So let’s get into the review right away.

CogniCare Pro Review
Product NameCogniCare Pro
CreatorElizabeth Bennett
CategoryCognitive support supplement
Net Quantity30 capsules
IngredientsGreen Coffee Bean, L-Tyrosine, Theobromine, Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Root, Huperzia Serrata, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate
Benefits– Enhances memory and cognitive function
– Increases focus and alertness
– Supports overall brain performance
Notable Features– Plant ingredients
– Non-habit-forming
Dosage1 capsule per day
Price$69 per bottle
Refund90 days
AvailabilityCogniCare Pro official website
User ReviewsFavorable
Side EffectsNo severe side effects or risks
To PurchaseClick Here

CogniCare Pro: What Exactly Is It?

CogniCare Pro is a brain health support formula that has great reviews on health forums. According to the official website, the formula contains plant-based natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to support brain health and performance. The potential benefits of the formula include improved memory, healthy cognitive functions, higher energy levels and focus, and reduced risk of cognitive disorders. 

The supplement is aimed at people of any age regardless of their gender, who are suffering from memory and cognitive loss. It is available in a tasteless capsule form that is reported easy to use. A CogniCare Pro bottle contains a month of supply, which is 30 capsules and costs about $69 a bottle.

The manufacturer assures quality by stating that the CogniCare Pro formula is made from a sterile and safe facility. Most people who have used the supplement have had a significant difference in 3-5 months, which is true in my case too. 

How Does CogniCare Pro Work?

As we have seen above, the CogniCare Pro brain health booster contains natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to support better brain health and cognitive functions. My research says that the supplement works by supporting different aspects of the healthy functioning of the brain including focus, memory, learning, accuracy, concentration, and reasoning.

One of the major CogniCare Pro ingredients is the green coffee bean. The chlorogenic acid (CGA) and caffeine content are known to enhance your alertness and cognitive function. Additionally, the supplement is also capable of positively affecting cognitive loss due to stress factors including loss of improved sleep quality

CogniCare Pro is a rich source of antioxidants that can combat free radicals that are capable of damaging cell health. By preventing oxidative stress in the brain, the supplement can protect neurons from degeneration. This can help preserve your memory and skills. It can also reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and stages of dementia

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Pros & Cons Of CogniCare Pro

One of the major things I would always advise my patients before taking a medication or supplement is to list its pros and cons to get an idea of what you are getting into. I have prepared a CogniCare Pro pros and cons list, before purchasing it, which you can see below: 


  • Naturally formulated supplement for brain health
  • Plant-based formula that is free from stimulants
  • Non-habit forming supplement 
  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days from purchase 
  • CogniCare Pro customer reviews are mostly favorable
  • Free US shipping and free bonuses 


  • May take 3-5 months to show results
  • Not available on Amazon

CogniCare Pro Ingredient Analysis

According to the manufacturer, what makes CogniCare Pro a brain health supplement is the potency of the ingredients present in it. So, I have done deep research on the benefits, safety, and scientific backings of the ingredients below.

CogniCare Pro ingredients

Green Coffee Bean

The raw and unroasted coffee beans called green coffee beans are used in several health supplements for their health benefits such as weight loss, improving biological markers, anti-inflammatory abilities, and enhancement in alertness, memory, and energy.


L-tyrosine is an amino acid that helps improve cognitive decline and preserve mental performance under stressful conditions. It can play a vital role in helping the synthesis of bodily hormones such as dopamine, adrenaline, thyroid hormones, and melanin. A study published in Researchgate found that tyrosine supplementation consumption can revive the neurotransmitter decline under stressful situations.


It is a herbal compound derived from the cocoa plant. This CogniCare Pro ingredient has mild stimulant effects and heart health. Promising research including the one published by the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Zhengzhou University, China has found that theobromine may have neuroprotective effects, improve cognitive functions, and reduce the risk of age-related cognitive degeneration.

Bacopa Monnieri

Also known as Brahmi, bacopa Monnieri is a herb that is extensively used in Indian traditional medications such as Ayurveda for its potential benefits in supporting memory, learning, reducing stress, and anxiety, and antioxidant effects. According to an animal study published in the National Library of Medicine, bacopa Monnieri improved the test subject’s spatial learning and the ability to memorize.

Rhodiola Root

This perennial plant is usually grown in the cold regions. The potential health benefits of using this medicinal herb may include reduced stress and fatigue, improved mental performance, enhanced athletic performance, and protects the brain against oxidative stress. As found in a study by the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Florida, USA, the rhodiola root contains antioxidants that help combat oxidative stress and protect the cells from degeneration.

Huperzia Serrata

This is a medicinal herb commonly known as toothed clubmoss or Chinese club moss. It is found helpful in supporting cognitive function, memory, muscle strength, and brain health. Research published in Frontiers suggests that huperzia serrata have neuroprotective effects which may help prevent disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and cognitive dysfunction.

Rice Flour

It is a common ingredient in many Indian and Asian cuisines. Rice flour is studied to have many health benefits such as blood flow circulation, blood sugar regulation, and cardiovascular health. Scientific proof from the National Library of Medicine suggests that rice flour can reduce the amount of cholesterol in blood facilitating improved blood flow to vital organs such as the heart, and brain.

Magnesium Stearate

This is a chemical compound that is used in various industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food processing. It is used to keep the ingredients away from sticking together. This is used to ensure the quality and consistency of the capsule. 

These ingredients are safe for most adults and do not cause any severe side effects. That being said, I wasn’t able to find a clinical report of the CogniCare Pro cognitive health formula. But, let us know in the comments whether you’d be interested in getting a clinical report. If a substantial amount of our readers are interested, we will do a comprehensive trial and publish the results here. 

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How To Use CogniCare Pro? 

The recommended CogniCare Pro dosage is one capsule. According to the given instructions, take the capsule before a meal with enough water to see optimal results. I found that the capsules are pretty easy to swallow and about half a glass of water was enough for me to gulp it. To ensure absorption, I have used the supplement 10-15 minutes before taking my meal

CogniCare Pro Supplement Facts

Claims VS Facts Of CogniCare Pro

As with any other supplement I have reviewed over the years, I have verified whether the claims given on the CogniCare Pro official website are true or not. The result is below: 

  • Claim: Made with scientifically proven natural ingredients.

Fact: Through my CogniCare Pro ingredient analysis, I have found that the ingredients are clinically proven to support brain function and cognitive health. 

  • Claim: CogniCare Pro can support overall health. 

Fact: In addition to supporting cognitive functions, the ingredients can also reduce stress and promote an active lifestyle. 

  • Claim: The CogniCare Pro package will arrive at your doorstep within 5 to 10 business days of placing your order. 

Fact: In my experience, it did arrive on the 7th business day.

  • Claim: CogniCare Pro memory booster has worked for men and women aged from 50 to 80. 

Fact: The user reviews don’t contradict the claim. 

CogniCare Pro Manufacturer & Credibility

Unlike many supplements I have reviewed in the past, I didn’t have to do detective work to find the creator of the CogniCare Pro supplement, it was easily available on its official website. The creator’s name is Elizabeth Bennet and the supplement is a child of her years-long research about herbs and natural ingredients. 

Nothing about the supplement including the build quality of the capsule, the bottle, or the website seemed mediocre. It was the complete opposite of mediocre meaning that the creators have paid attention to delivering the best experience to its users. So, overall the CogniCare Pro manufacturer seems credible. 

Learn More Regarding The CogniCare Pro Manufacturer Details!!!

CogniCare Pro And Its Alternatives

I usually second guess my decisions which is why no matter what I am purchasing, I do a comparison with other similar products. So, to verify if my investment in CogniCare Pro brain health formula is worth it, I have compared them with two other dietary supplements that support brain health. Here is the comparison table: 

CogniCare ProNeuroZoomFast Brain Booster
Creator Elizabeth BennettNANA
Credibility 100%100%100%
Results Within 3-4 months May vary according to body typeMost people have seen improvement in 3-5 months
Rating 4.874.84.85
Starting price $49/bottle$49/bottle$49/bottle

Though all the supplements listed here are worth trying to improve your cognitive health and memory, since there is a slightly better chance of getting more potent CogniCare Pro results, I would recommend using it. 

CogniCare Pro Side Effects & Interaction

CogniCare Pro supplement is found safe for most adults who are tolerant to caffeine. Before taking the supplement, read through the ingredients list to ensure that it doesn’t contain substances you are allergic to. But some of the ingredients used such as green coffee extract are found to interact with certain medications.

So, people who are taking medications and vulnerable individuals such as pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and cancer patients should not take the supplement without a doctor’s supervision. But overall there are no adverse reports of CogniCare Pro side effects.

CogniCare Pro Customer Reviews And Testimonials

One of the first things that attracted me to this supplement is that it had an exceptional customer rating of 4.87 stars on health forums. The CogniCare Pro reviews are mostly positive and the customers have not reported any severe side effects. 

In my own personal experience, the supplement was delivered to me in the expected time frame, the seal of the bottles was intact, and the bottle did not have any dents. It took the CogniCare Pro tablets about one and a half months to start working on me. I have experienced an improvement in my memory and overall quality of life. 

What are other customers saying about CogniCare Pro? Here are some testimonials:

Brian P (5⭐)

I am giving CogniCare Pro 5 stars because it has helped me a lot. With my memory and cognitive abilities, my career as an entrepreneur was in jeopardy. But after taking the supplement, I feel like me again. I can now conduct meetings and conferences like I used to do.

Katie James (4⭐)

In the beginning, I did experience some side effects such as headaches and restlessness. But I think my body adapted quickly. CogniCare Pro supplement has worked for me, I don’t face out mid-conversation, and I don’t need to check the security cams to find out where I left my purse anymore. So, yeah I had a pretty good experience overall.

Ben Jhones (4.8⭐)

I kinda had a rough start with CogniCare Pro pills. Even after an entire month of using it, I was not seeing any results. I was getting frustrated, but the results kicked in by the end of the second month. I have decided to use it for a couple of months more to see optimal results.

Expert Opinion On CogniCare Pro

In light of the scientific evidence present in the most recent studies, CogniCare Pro can be a dietary supplement that can support brain health and improve cognitive function. That being said, there are some things you need to prioritize while taking the supplement. My first advice is to follow the instructions on the supplement label or given by your doctor. 

Make sure to keep the CogniCare Pro bottle away from pets and children. While the ingredients are mostly safe, they can be toxic for pets and kids below the age of 13. Also, give 10 to 15 minutes between taking the supplement and having your meal. 

Where To Purchase CogniCare Pro? How Much Does It Cost?

While I have seen several third-party websites that sell CogniCare Pro memory booster, I can’t know for sure the legitimacy of them. The best way to purchase the supplement is through their official website. I have had a good experience with the customer support team of the supplement and I could even track my order from my home.

I have also found that purchasing the CogniCare Pro formula directly from the manufacturer ensures more value for money as it comes with bundle options, free shipping, and free bonuses. 

The CogniCare Pro pricing plan is as follows:

  • 180 days supply – 6 bottles – $49/bottle – $294 + free US shipping 
  • 90 days supply – 3 bottles – $59/bottle – $360 + free US shipping 
  • 30 days supply – 1 bottle – $69/bottle + shipping 

Grab Your CogniCore Pro Bottle By Placing An Order ASAP!

Does CogniCare Pro Offer A Return Policy?

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with CogniCare Pro cognitive health enhancer, you don’t have to suffer from frustration. You can simply return it, as it has not exceeded 90 days from the date of purchase. The 90-day money-back guarantee is applicable for all purchases of CogniCare Pro.

CogniCare Pro Bonuses

I have found that the purchase of 6-bottle and 3-bottle bundles is more popular because it comes with two free bonuses. The CogniCare Pro bonuses are: 

CogniCare Pro Bonuses
  • Free Bonus #1: The Body Detox Method

    This digital book contains several natural methods to help detox your body. Removing toxic substances from your body can improve energy levels, enhance immunity, reduce stress, and improve mental strength.
  • Free Bonus #2: Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

You can download this ebook to your devices and explore some simple and easy practices to improve your memory. 

Conclusion: CogniCare Pro Reviews

CogniCare Pro is a brain health supplement that has been creating a lot of buzz since it was first introduced in the market. I have researched it and used it myself to evaluate the results. My research indicates that the supplement is made with clinically proven natural ingredients that help support healthy cognitive functions and overall brain health. The supplement helps improve focus, memory, and alertness and reduces stress and the risk of cognitive decline. 

The supplement is in capsule form and the user reviews indicate that it worked for most of the users. Mild side effects such as headache and restlessness are seen in some individuals, but the CogniCare Pro capsule is proven to be safe for most. 

The daily dosage is one capsule a day, and the manufacturer warns that overdosing may lead to serious side effects. It is also important to note that the investment in the CogniCare Pro tablet is safe because the manufacturer provides a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, evaluating the findings of my research, and my personal experience, which I explained through this CogniCare Pro review, I feel confident in saying that it is worth giving a try. 

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CogniCare Pro Reviews

CogniCare Pro is a brain health support formula that receives excellent feedback on health forums. As per the official site, it incorporates scientifically validated plant-derived elements for enhancing brain health and function.

– Ioanis Marku

CogniCare Pro
Cost and value
Ingredient quality
Scientific Backing
Positive user reports


Drawing on quality criteria, scientific validation, and encouraging user experiences, CogniCare Pro appears to present a beneficial blend for promoting cognitive well-being. Here’s my complete score:



1. Does the CogniCare Pro pill work for high schoolers?

No, it is generally recommended for people who are suffering from age-related cognitive and memory loss.

2. Who is the delivery partner of CogniCare Pro?

CogniCare Pro is delivered through FedEx or UPS

3. Does CogniCare Pro brain health booster disrupt sleep?

Yes, on the checkout page, you will see the PayPal option, just below “Payment Method”.

4. Does CogniCare Pro accept PayPal?

Yes, on the checkout page, you will see the PayPal option, just below “Payment Method”.

5. How much does the shipping of the one-bottle pack of CogniCare Pro cost?

Domestic (US) shipping of the one-bottle option of CogniCare Pro costs about $19.95. 


Frontiers (2024) Huperzia serrata Extract ‘NSP01’ With Neuroprotective Effects-Potential Synergies of Huperzine A and Polyphenols Available online at:

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