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What have you heard about V Shred? Is it about their home workout programs? Their custom meal plan? The supplements they promote? Or is it about their clothing line? Whichever it is, the one thing we all know for sure is that they are an emerging fitness brand that sells it all. But is this popularity for the right reasons? Do they deliver on what they promise? 

The first time I came across this program, I didn’t find anything skeptical about it. I noticed that it is a comprehensive program that includes many different things related to fitness, but I didn’t care to check all those things individually or the whole program in detail. I have to admit, that’s where I went wrong. It wasn’t until one of my clients who tried the program for an entire course talked to me about it that I thought about doing my bit of research on it. 

The thing I found interesting about this incident was that this client who stayed consistent with every aspect of the program for three whole months, has observed no improvement whatsoever in his weight issues. As a fitness expert who is aware of weight management issues, struggles, and the countless weight loss programs that are designed to scam such innocent individuals firsthand, I took it as my responsibility to learn and disclose more about this program and what exactly has happened with my client. This V Shred review is shaped by the insights I’ve acquired through my exploration of the program.

V Shred Scandal Explained – Here’s Why You Should Be Aware!

V Shred Review

Although I made a remark about fraudulent programs and supplements, that’s not a general statement meant for every weight loss program there is, since there certainly exist the ones that do a good job. Prime Shred is one such supplement that I will introduce to you in one of the later sections of this V Shred review. Before that, let us learn about what exactly V shred is, how it supposedly works, and the claims it makes in terms of weight loss and other health benefits. 

What Is V Shred?

V Shred is a lot of things. More accurately, it is a fitness brand that features workout programs designed for specific purposes and genders, weight loss diets customized for building muscles while burning fat, separate weight loss supplements for men and women, and a clothing line that sells activewear. That last part isn’t of relevance here, so let’s talk about the rest.   

One thing I forgot to mention about the program is its official website. It does have one and looks genuine no matter how you look at it. Their products are categorized and listed in an easy-to-navigate manner with detailed descriptions. That was kind of a promising start, but I’m afraid the same cannot be said about what it provides. 

It’s not that their products are not relevant to the weight loss process, but the problem lies in the effectiveness of the exercises included, the composition of the supplements, and to an extent, the practicality of the entire program. But how? Considering the program’s popularity, don’t you think it’s a necessity to figure out what exactly is wrong with it?   

What Comprises The V Shred Program?

V Shred program, as per the creators, is a fully customizable fitness program based on the customers’ metabolism, body types, lifestyles, and weight loss or muscle-building goals. Every package includes custom, both home and gym-based workout plans, meal plans based on individual requirements, and 24/7 support from a trainer. Additionally, there are supplements that aid the weight loss process, developed separately for men and women. 

The workout programs are available digitally and can either be practiced at home or taken to the gym with you. They are marketed with titles like “ripped in 90 days”, “fat-loss extreme for him”, “fat-loss extreme for her”, “toned in 90 days”, “v-shred accelerator 1-1 coaching”, and so on.  

V Shred Program Content

Now about the custom meal plan, I wouldn’t say they aren’t nutritious, but again, there is the issue of practicality and affordability. The supplements are not only designed for different genders but for different purposes too.

Some of those supplements include Burn Evolved 2.0, Turmeric Black, and Burn P M for fat loss, Pre-workout and Post-workout fruit punch, BCAAS the workout booster, Neuroctane the performance enhancer, High Boost and Greens to fight aging signs, Protein powders, and Probiotics and Enzymes for digestive health, are common for both genders with a slight difference in some of their compositions. However, men have a separate stack of muscle-building supplements including High Boost, Creatine, and TestoBoost Max. So, how would these elements benefit you in keeping you healthy? 

Benefits And Key Factors Of The V Shred Program

From improving skin health to providing metabolic support and aiding in muscle building to providing mental clarity, the offered benefits of V Shred are plenty. Whether those are the truth or not is an entirely different matter. I will list some of the claims below and you can see for yourself how exaggerated they sound.

  • Stimulates collagen production to provide healthier skin, nails, and hair support.
  • Promotes joint health
  • Helps build lean muscles in women and strength-building in men
  • Cell regeneration
  • Deals with digestive issues
  • Boosts energy, stamina, and recovering capacity
  • Improve mood and well-being
  • Faster fat loss
  • Enhanced focus and mental clarity

Seems pretty long, doesn’t it? Not so surprisingly, the list doesn’t end here. It goes on and on until it covers all aspects of your health. I mean, a good diet and workout routine definitely reflects on your overall health and well-being. But to say that they solve every single health issue, each of which stems from a different cause, isn’t a little too much? 

If it is the supplements you think would take care of these issues, I’m not so optimistic about that either. Sure, there are speculations related to certain ingredients helping with some of the mentioned issues, but even with a month-long research, I couldn’t find ample scientific evidence that could back these claims fully.  

How To Use/Utilise The V Shred Program?

I have already mentioned certain supplements being a part of this program. There are twelve of them in common for both genders while men have the option to purchase a separate stack of muscle builders. Most of these supplements including Burn Evolve 2.0, TestBoost Max, High Boost, Burn P M, Turmeric Black, Enzymes, and Neuroctane have an instructed dosage of two capsules a day.

As for Probiotics, you are supposed to take one capsule a day, while the rest of them, which are available in powder form, have one scoop per day as the directed dosage. You can take the capsules with a glass of water and add the powder supplements to a drink. They don’t specify which one, so I assume it could be something of your choice. 

How Does V Shred System Work?

A good workout routine, a balanced and nutritious diet, and a set of supplements that cover the shortcomings of these two while enhancing the results. Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? However, regardless of how good a plan appears to be, everything lies in the quality of the content no matter what kind it is, and the way it is supposed to be executed. As for the V Shred program, you are supposed to incorporate all three of them in the right way, at the right time, to get the best results. Or at least that’s what they claim. 

You can choose a workout plan that meets your needs and suits your metabolism, body type, and related aspects as the first step. I’m not convinced about the customized part since these programs are digital and not designed after consulting with you in person. Also, how easy do you think it would be to create a digital program for each individual since they are claiming to have a customer base of hundreds of thousands of people? They will also prepare a meal plan that supposedly burns fat and builds muscles specifically for each individual. Again, I’m skeptical about the practical side of such a plan considering they don’t see any of us in person. 

Now comes the even more interesting part; the supplements. It is implied that you can buy the supplement based on which area or issue you would like to focus on so that you don’t have to waste money on purchasing supplements targeting the ones that don’t concern you. But, don’t most of these mentioned issues come as a single package? So what are we supposed to do about the supplements? Take all twelve of them? 

V Shred Potential Side Effects And Risks

Although the brand claims the program, including the supplement is safe for everyone regardless of age, my research doesn’t say the same. Of course, you can’t see any reported side effects on their official website, because who would display something that affects the credibility of their product when they have the ability to get rid of it? But suppose you widen your research and visit a few more sites. In that case, you can see plenty of customers complaining about the side effects they experienced after following the program, especially after taking the supplements. 

The lack of a clear direction on which supplements, at what time, and whether there is any limitation on the number of these formulas a person is supposed to consume has created issues that had some of the customers hospitalized for days or even weeks. Consuming these supplements with only half-cooked information is quite a risk to take and as the expert, I would advise no one to.

Alternative Option For V Shred

V Shred, a custom weight loss program, features different steps a customer needs to follow to lose weight and build a fit physique. But how convenient is it for everyone? Moreover, how effective is it in general? Are there any better alternatives that require less effort but offer better results? Let’s do a comparison between the supplements from the brand V Shred and one of their competitors PrimeShred.  

V Shred VS PrimeShred
Product V ShredPrimeShred
Number of supplementsTwelve One 
Issues targetingEach formulation targeting a specific issueTargets all issues with a single formula
Ease of useExtremely difficult to maintain a routineEasy to build a routine as it doesn’t take up much time
Suitable forGender-specific Anyone regardless of age or gender
Price Buying more than one supplement would be way more costlier in comparison. Starts at $59.99 for a bottle. Discount on bundle packages.
Return & Refund30-day money-back guarantee100-day money-back guarantee
PrimeShred Overview

It appears that the weight loss and muscle-building supplement PrimShed is better than all the supplements manufactured by V Shred, in every aspect. It also seems like the supplement alone is more efficient than the virtual training and nutrition program offered by V Shred in resolving the issue and with lasting results. What do you think it says about the authenticity of the latter?   

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Is V Shred A Scam Or A Legit Program?

Assuming you have read until the above section, do you think V Shred is a legitimate program? Sure, at a glance, it does seem genuine. It wouldn’t hurt anyone to follow a workout routine and a customized meal plan along with a set of dietary supplements, would it? So, where exactly is the issue? Is it with the countless supplements that they are asking you to take to enhance the results?

Is it the meal plan that appears basic but costs a lot at the same time? Or is it with the ineffective set of workouts that doesn’t seem to benefit the majority who have tried it? I think it’s all of these along with a few other credibility issues like the lack of adherence to rules and regulations set by authorities like the FDA and GMP. In my opinion and as per the V Shred reviews I referred to, the program seems like a scam that will have you end up losing a good amount, and for nothing.  

V Shred Customer Reviews

If you navigate through the V Shred official website, you can see reviews praising the program, in one-liners and as long stories, narrating how each one of them has benefitted from it. However, there are other websites and social media platforms including YouTube that will tell you the truth. You can see people complaining not just about the side effects but also about the lack of results even after following the program for the suggested period.

“I was wondering why nobody ever suggested such an extensive program to me all this while I have been looking to shed some pounds, that I had to find out about it from a random ad I saw somewhere on the internet. Well, now I know why. It is the most worthless thing I have ever spent money on and a decision I regret every waking moment.”Michael O’Sullivan

“If I were to state my experience with the program in two words, I would say, “the worst”. Never making another purchase again, and not suggesting it to anyone else.”Lauren Murphy

“The doctors say I was fortunate not to damage my kidneys permanently. The supplements had me hospitalized for about a month and I have to say, this was way beyond the side effects I expected from a weight loss program.”Madison Roberts

Who Is Behind This V Shred Program?

V Shred, the brand that created this popular weight loss program, as mentioned already, also features a clothing line of activewear. It is evident from the products and services they offer, that their sole focus is on sports and fitness. But that’s no good without proper accreditations and authenticity in the manufacturing process.

From what I gathered, although the brand has had hype that kept on growing for a while, they are struggling to maintain it now. People are not happy that they are losing money on something entirely worthless and I don’t think that’s doing them any good in maintaining their reputation and credibility. 

V Shred Price And Availability

If we get into the price details, there is a lot to talk about. V Shred comes with countless packages in different combinations, including workout programs and supplements that you can pick at your discretion and as recommended by them. Some of them are available on Amazon and the rest are available on the official page of Sculpt Nation, the sister company of V shred that manufactures these supplements.

ProgramPrice details
Move: At Home$47
Ripped in 90 Days$47
Fat Loss Extreme for Him$47
Fat Loss Extreme for Her$47
Toned in 90 Days$57
V Shred Accelerator +Not mentioned
Custom Diet PlanNot mentioned
Clean Bulk$87
Six-Pack Shred$19.99
Big Arms$19.99
Booty Builder$34.95
Recipe Guide$14.95
SupplementPrice Details
Burn Evolved 2.0$48.99
TestBoost max$48.99
High Boost$49
Burn P M$44
Pre-workout Fruit Punch$33
Post-workout Fruit Punch$37
Turmeric Black$44
Enzymes $44

Instead of buying them separately, you also have the option to buy some of the supplements in bundles. There is a muscle-building stack and a fat-loss stack, both available at $110 on the Sculpt Nation website. 

V Shred Bonuses And Money-Back Guarantee

The brand has a 30-day return and refund policy on all purchases. Both their digital workout programs as well as supplements are protected by this money-back guarantee which supposedly allows you to try them out without worrying about your money. Although I did find customers who were not satisfied with the program, I couldn’t find a single person who got their money back. Some of them couldn’t get through their customer services, a few were promised a refund but didn’t receive it, and the rest couldn’t even contact the manufacturer.  

Some of these workout programs like V Shred Accelerator + and Custom Diet Plan offer bonuses that include healthy meals delivered to the door, Supplement discounts, concierge support, Food Swap Bible, V Shred Restaurant Guide, Diet Tips, and so on. But has anyone really got all of them? My research says no! 

Is V Shred Healthy Program To Rely On?

Considering the whole program, I think the custom meal plan is the only part of it that is healthy to an extent. Workout programs without a good trainer and not under proper supervision always end up hurting your health.

The supplement part seems even more problematic with their number. I mean, how are we supposed to incorporate all that into our daily routine? Should we replace our meals with them? Taking them all at once results in serious health hazards and could even affect your vital organs. 

V Shred Pros And Cons


  • Although expensive, the meal plan seems balanced
  • There is a choice to opt out of the supplements and follow the rest of the program


  • Confusing with too many options in supplements and workout programs
  • Supplements are on the pricier end
  • Doesn’t seem to work for the majority
  • Lack proper accreditations
  • No information about the manufacturing process of the supplements
  • Serious side effects are observed

Who Is V Shred For?

They have programs designed for both men and women. Some of the programs are common for both genders but are based on your experience level. There are programs created for beginners as well as those in the advanced levels.

Even the supplements are separately categorized for men and women, but most of those are common for both. They are supposed to benefit everyone who follows the program for the recommended period in ways that complement their predetermined goals.  

How Long Does It Take For V Shred To Show Results?

Most of the workout programs are designed for 90 days, or at least that’s the period within which they claim to provide the best and lasting results. Although the workout routine has reflected well on a minority, most of the customers haven’t found any improvements even after religiously following it for the recommended period. The supplements, even the protein powder didn’t create much of an impact on the fitness journey of the customers and seem to be a complete waste of money. 

Final Verdict And Recommendations: V Shred Reviews

According to my research, the general sentiment toward the V Shred Program is not good. Home workouts might sound practical and I wouldn’t argue such a routine has never worked for anyone. However, if we take a closer look, we can see why this probably wouldn’t work the way or within the period within which they claim to provide results. As for gym workouts, I don’t think it’s worth spending money on a digital program since you already have a trainer at the gym.  

About the V Shred nutrition program with a customized diet plan, it seems quite expensive, and taking the fact that there are cheaper options out there that provide the same, if not better results into consideration, I think it’s completely unnecessary to have you spend such a huge amount on a simple diet. 

It’s the same with the supplement stack as well. Although they are said to be separately designed for men and women, the list looks pretty much the same except for two of them, and the supplements are comparatively on the pricier end. Then again, if the rest of the program is as effective as they claim, would we even need an additional supplementation?

After a careful analysis, I think this custom weight loss program seems all over the place and is rather confusing for anyone who takes an interest in it. Most of the V Shred reviews are skeptical. With this many supplements, meal plans, and an extensive workout routine, it is difficult to make this program a part of our routine. If bought, it will probably take up every minute of the day, and for what?  


1. What if I follow the workout routine but the meal plan and supplements?

As per the manufacturer, you are supposed to follow the program including the workout routine, meal plan, and supplement to get the best results. However, the supplements haven’t been found to be of any impact as per a lot of V Shred reviews, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

2. Can I expect results without taking the supplement?

The supplements supposedly enhance the results that you get from the workout routine and a customized diet plan. But as I mentioned earlier, those seem to be a waste of money and you might not get any results even if you take them religiously.

3. What if I take a cheat day in between? Will that reflect in the final result?

With a normal weight loss program, no you wouldn’t. But with the V Shred program, it is unpredictable and the results could be anything.

4. Is the program suitable for a heart patient?

It is not. It involves exercises that involve lifting weights and that cannot be good for your heart health. In any case, consult your doctor first before proceeding with the program.

5. Can I take the supplements along with my vitamin supplements?

The weight loss aid supplements V Shred sells are already too many. It’s better if you don’t add another one to the mix and create a health hazard.

6. Is it okay if I take all the supplements at once?

It is not. There are too many supplements and taking them all at once will probably land you in a hospital bed as your kidneys might stop functioning.

7. Does the return and refund policy really work?

As per the manufacturer, yes, it does. But the customer testimonials do not agree with this as none of them really received the promised refund and feel like they have been betrayed.  

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